The Year of No Gaming… Day 010…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 010… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 010…

I admit it. I’m a wimp. After “completing” my Personal Project #01 (PP #01), I’m now finding it difficult to determine what should be PP #02. Not that not having a project will somehow tempt me into playing a computer game; Quite the opposite. Today, for instance, I have had virtually no time to play a game at all.

Am I dragging my heels? Maybe so. Some of the candidates for PP #02 are, by no means, easy for me to achieve. PP #01 had some ease to it; I had been there and done that before. A lot of the candidates for PP #02 would cover some very new ground for me. A lot of learning would be involved. Failure is a very real possibility.

GAMING HISTORY MOMENT – It is hard to believe but there was a time when myself, my sister & my Dad all eagerly played the same computer games. It was a playful competition to see who could beat the others and no one was “keeping score.” In all honesty, though, my Dad would usually win because he had the day-to-day discipline that small children hadn’t developed yet. There’s a reason why the myth of the small child being easily distracted by a fluttering butterfly continues to ring true.

I remember the game “Ultima III” quite vividly. Go to Wikipedia but, in a nutshell, your character had to enter a forbidden island and then siege the enemy’s castle in order to win the game. No one had been able to even land on the island because you needed these relics or whatever to get past this snake-like gate. Well, my Dad had those relics and sailed through the gate. My sister & I were stunned; All three of us were waiting with baited breath as to what would be inside this castle that none of us had, for months, been able to pierce. Just as my Dad’s character entered the castle… The screen went blank. My Dad had accidentally kicked the plug out from the wall. I remember my sister & I letting out these bellowing moans of disappointment (Our lives, of course, were over! Over!) while my Dad just laughed it off.


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