The Year of No Gaming… Day 009…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 009… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 009…

Another day, still no major temptations. OK, maybe that’s not entirely true… There have been a few moments here and there where I’ve gone through some indie game websites (freeware, of course) and thought to myself “Hey, that would be an interesting game to try out,” only to quickly catch myself. Slight temptations? Sure, you could call them that. Major temptations? Not even close.

Personal Project #01 (PP #01) is done. I didn’t cross all of the T’s and dot all of the I’s but I didn’t ignore them, either. Consider it a compromise. Now I just have to figure out what a decent Project #02 ought to be…

FLEA MARKET HAUL – Every week for about seven months or so, I have the privilege of attending a flea market. Here’s what I spent my money on this week:

  • ASSASSIN’S CREED: DIRECTOR’S CUT – $3.00:  I normally wouldn’t buy a title like this but the price was decent and everything appeared to be there (DVD Case, manual, DVD). The case was a little grimy/used but you have to expect that kind of wear. Titles like these are what the kids are all playing these days. After June 1st, 2014, I might give this a shot just to see what all the hype and hoopla is about. My expectations are not stellar but, as I am always eager to admit, I have been wrong before.
  • STAR WARS: REBEL ASSAULT – $2.00: This one is the find of the week. An older big box title where the big box is in great shape (not perfect but very decent for the age) and it appears to have everything else (CD, Manual and assorted other literature). For $2 dollars, you can’t go wrong. About the only drawback is the CD case which, I’m guessing, is not original (It is not a typical jewel case but a slightly opaque, plain case). Nevertheless, a great find.
  • UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 – $3.00: Had I not already owned this title, this would have been a good price. It came with everything – DVD case, manual & the DVD. The manual was a little wrinkled; No big deal as it was still completely readable and useable. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had a Collector’s Edition of this title already. It’s not that big of a mistake, especially given the price. Should I play this title, this’ll be my go-to disc and I’ll keep my Collector’s Edition tucked away.


  • FINAL FANTASY XVII… OR SOMETHING: COLLECTOR’S EDITION – UNKNOWN PRICE: I’m not a fan of Japanese RPGs. The game came in a huge box and I half-entertained asking for a price until I saw that it was an online-game only. I am already no big fan of Japanese RPGs and I am definitely not a fan of online-only games. Hopefully, someone else bought the title and walked away happy.
  • MYST 3: EXILE – UNKNOWN PRICE: The vendor was at the flea market last year and, if memory serves me correctly, was also selling off a Warcraft III & a Starcraft game as well last year (I bought the Warcraft III at the time… Yeah, I know, I should have bought the Starcraft but I already own a boxed copy). The Warcraft III I bought off of them looked hardly used if used at all so I have no doubt that the same is for the Myst title. Regardless of boxed or not, pristine condition or not, the entire Myst series doesn’t do much for me. It’s one of those casual adventure games that “Mom & Dad” likes, won’t offend the senses of little Bobby or Susie and that’s why it sells a bajillion copies. I didn’t bother asking for a price.

There were quite a few more titles at the flea market but they’re weekly attendees that have since become part of the background noise. No, I don’t want your Nancy Drew adventure. Get your World of Warcraft crap away from me. Oh, look… an EA sports title. How nice. Mind if I throw your “The Sims” title as far into the woods as I can?

GAMING HISTORY MOMENT – In the early “Ultima” games, players traversed the world on a tile-based map… One move, one tile. You walked onto a “town” icon and then got transported into the town. Back then, there was no “auto-map”; the computer didn’t map the world out for you… You had to do that yourself and so we did. My Dad & I meticulously mapped out each and every tile of the game world onto graph paper. Then, Dad went to work, shrunk down the graph paper and then taped the individual sections of paper together to form a huge map. At one point, we had the game world for Ultima III or Ultima IV (I can’t remember which) hanging on a wall in the den. Even with the individual sections shrunk down, it was a big map. We were quite proud of that map.


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