The Year of No Gaming… Day 007…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 007… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 007…

I have to admit… Today, briefly, I felt the tiniest pang of hunger to play a computer game. Not much. Not a lot. Just enough for it to make a little, teeny-tiny blip on the proverbial radar screen.

The reason for the teeny-tiny blip was simple – Today was a stressful day at work. The cause of the stress was not a surprise: My former boss, a major-league ashsole, decided to sidestep one of her duties in the most ham-handed of ways. About the only thing she could have done to make her sidestepping more transparent would have been for her to write in her E-Mail, “Sorry, I don’t want my department to do it’s job because you are requesting them to do it.”

There are people who would absolutely love the job that I have simply because they are unemployed and do not have a job. I beg to differ; Despite the increase in revenue from zero to barely above zero, you do not want my job. Stay unemployed; It will keep you saner then if you took my job.

In brighter news, work continues on Personal Project #01. I am amazed that I am beginning to near the end of that project but, also, a bit on the frightened side as well. I am still trying to figure out what my next project will be. It will be something.

GAMING HISTORY MOMENT: Most younger folks don’t remember using the black 5 1/4″ computer disks (“floppy disks,” as they were called) because it was before their time. Trust me – You’re not missing much. The disks were designed so that you could store files on both sides of the disc. However, one of the big disadvantages for the disks (besides “everything”) was that they were easily damaged by magnetic interference… Or dust… Or scratching… Or just about anything. I can remember that one of our few computer games, “Jumpman,” wouldn’t load from the disk drive. It just kept at the same loading screen over and over, the same grumbling and grinding sound playing over and over from the disk drive. It was very depressing to know that we couldn’t play “Jumpman” again. I wouldn’t play “Jumpman” until the advent of the Internet and the availability of such games like “Jumpman Zero.”


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