Pandora: First Contact…

Pandora: First Contact after the break…

Pandora: First Contact…

What do you get when you take the cult classic computer game “Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri,” strip it of it’s unique intellectual property & update the graphics?

You won’t get the upcoming computer game, “Pandora: First Contact”… But you would be very, very, VERY close.

Closer, perhaps, then even the Civilization 4 mod called “Planetfall.”

Turn-based strategy, like space flight simulators (such as “Wing Commander”), are a dying breed in computer gaming. Heck, computer games in brick-and-mortar stores are a dying breed in general.

I have always appreciated “Alpha Centauri” although, to be fair, part of it’s additional modern-day charm is it’s unabashedly early-cyberpunkish Internet look. Honestly, the late 1990’s vision of the cyber-future is now almost as fashionably out-of-date as pants with bell bottoms & shirts with lapels wide enough to reach the shoulders. “Pandora: First Contact,” obviously, will not feature such outdated optics but the bulk of my appreciation for the title was simply the impressive amount of gameplay one could have with “Alpha Centauri.” Alpha Centauri, in my opinion, is arguably the best of the Sid Meier simulation strategy games because it was uncoupled from reality, allowing for the greatest flexibility in gameplay. There was no need in “Alpha Centauri” to plan around how propeller-driven bombers would interact with armies using spears or how to quantify ancient farms with modern railroad tracks or the such.

Make no mistake… I’m still very much committed towards not playing any computer games until June 1, 2014. However, “Pandora: First Contact” will definitely be getting some attention from me in the future.

Good luck to Proxy Studios for developing it and Matrix Games for distributing it. Now… If they release tools to make mods… I’m sure someone is talented enough to mod Provost Zakharov into the game…


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