The Year of No Gaming… Day 006…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 006… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 006…

I still have no temptation to play computer games. “Summer” is a big part of the reason for the decreased desire. There is a lot of tasks to perform outside.

As irrational as it sounds, I still have game DVDs in my computer. Unless the DVD drives twirl the discs every time the DVD drives are initiated upon the computer booting up, those discs haven’t spun in close to two weeks (remember that I spent a week “test driving” the concept of not playing games before I officially started). They must be getting dusty by now. If I have the time, I will remove them from the computer later tonight.

Personal Project #01 (PP #01) is slowly getting completed. By all accounts, I’m objectively over the halfway mark towards completion of that project. Real Life (aka “Summer”) is interfering with my plans for total concentration towards the project’s completion. At least now, for the first time, I have the realistic feeling that it will be completed. I plan on spending more time on the project tonight. I want to get this project done. The sooner, the better.

GAMING HISTORY MOMENT – Instead of listing where all the various family home computers have been placed inside my family’s house over the years, the more efficient method would be to list where those computers haven’t been. Seriously, upon looking back, here are all the places:

  • The kitchen
  • The living room (two different locations)
  • The hobby room (two different locations)
  • The den (two different locations)
  • All of the bedrooms
  • The basement

The only place the home computer hasn’t been set up are the hallways, the laundry room, the hall closet and the bathrooms! And I’m not even counting all of the temporary places where the laptops have been placed over the years and if you want to count where “smart phones” have been used… Well, then, no place is sacred.


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