The Year of No Gaming… Day 004…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 004… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 004…

It’s too easy to look ahead to some of my other personal projects after I complete Personal Project #01 (PP#01). That is one of my weaknesses – Concentrating on one project until completion. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Day #003 went fine without a hitch. No temptations whatsoever to play games. I predict the same for today.

Late last night, I wondered to myself what it would take to tempt me to play computer games before June 1, 2014. I’m not saying that any of these situations would cause me to break my willpower but it would, at the very least, move the needle up from “Nada” to “More than Nada”:

  • A lot of Steam-DRM games become available without Steam- or some other Internet-related DRM. This would be a significant one. There are a lot of games that I would want to own if I could get them in a DRM-free format. As I look back, I am beginning to realize that the end of the PC era began with the Steam era. Quite honestly, the moment that the publishers realized that they could hook their games irreversibly to Internet activation DRM was the moment that the Golden Era of PC Gaming died. The result has been a continual degradation of PC-centric gaming and a greater focus on console-centric gaming.
  • A really, really, really stressful day at work. Quite honestly, this reason could be the killer. Game playing is a sure fire way to relieve stress for me. Some people have cigarettes, some people have drugs, some have alcohol, unprotected sex with complete strangers, food, driving fast… I have computer games. I have yet to have a truly stressful day at work since I began this experiment (even including the week prior to the official start of this experiment).
  • Terminal Illness. Laugh all you want; Even though it has a slim possibility of happening, it could happen. There’s nothing like a doctor sitting you down and telling you that you only have X number of months to live to completely rearrange your life. There are games that I have simply not gotten around to playing that would get installed rather quickly if the whole “We’re naming the disease after you” scenario popped up.

PP #01 continues to do well. If I wanted to burn myself out, I could accomplish the task within a week. I’m taking the project slow and steady. None of the other personal projects completely rely upon it and, yet, a lot of them would be better off as a result of it being completed. I’m giving myself another 30-45 minutes today to work on PP #01.

PERSONAL GAMING HISTORY MOMENT – Readers of this blog will know that I regard “QUAKE 1” as a classic game but I was absolutely floored the first time I saw “Wolfenstein 3D” for the first time. Never before had I seen someone walk “through” a game and interact with enemies on such a personal level. Up until then, you always played your game as a third-person, controlling someone on screen. Now, though, you were “in” the game itself. Wow. I remember being in the kitchen of my parents’ house when one of my sister’s friends showed me the game.


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