The Year of No Gaming… Day 003…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 003… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 003…

I would love to say that there is some temptation to play games but there isn’t. So far, I’m holding strong without so much as an ounce of effort.

But there are 362 more days to go. That’s a lot of days. That’s still the bulk of the summer & all of autumn, winter & spring (not to mention a tiny sliver of next summer) to go.

I continue to work on Personal Project #01. It is daunting, grinding work… At least, for me. For someone who is actually skilled in what I am doing, perhaps the entire project could be completed in an afternoon. There’s nothing flashy or glamorous about it. No gee-whiz screenshots to show. And, truth be told, it really isn’t an entire “project” in the truest sense of the word… In fact, completing PP #01 would only be the first-step in a multi-step project. Maybe calling it a project was inappropriate? I don’t know.

For today, I give myself another 20-30 minutes on PP #01.

GAMING HISTORY MOMENT OF THE DAY – I remember my father and I walking past a Pac-Man arcade machine at a grocery store. The arcade machine is surrounded by fifteen or so young men. I remember asking my father why they are so excited about playing an arcade game. “Because it’s stupid,” my Dad replied. In a way, he was right.


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