It’s the Timing Belt (sort of)…

It’s the Timing Belt (sort of) after the break…

It’s the Timing Belt (sort of)…

We found the problem with the car. The problem was not the actual timing belt (which appears fine). The problem is with one of the pulleys that the timing belt wraps around. The pulley completely failed, causing the timing to be thrown off and, once the timing is thrown off, the engine to stop working. From the looks of things, it appears that this part was failing for some time and it was just circumstance to have failed when it did.

This problem is not catastrophic to fix. There are no thousand-dollar replacement parts. No marathon sessions in a garage to replace.

It is always nice knowing the “why” to problems.

In an alternate world, the part never fails. I go about my daily life with other concerns. The car continues to be a part of my family for years to come. I don’t live in that world, though. I live in the world where the die has already been cast. I have a new car. Everyone has moved on. We repair the car, not out of crisis, but more out of a sense of responsibility then anything else.

There’s some hope that the car, once repaired, will be in the extended family. I’d hate to see the car be sold for scrap or to someone who only has shady intentions.

We shall see.

For now, the attention is on repairing the car, now that we know what the problem is.


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