It’s Not the Fuel Injector…

It’s Not the Fuel Injector after the break…

It’s Not the Fuel Injector…

You don’t need the front belts on your engine in order to know if your engine turns over or not. Apparently, all of those belts in front of the timing belt are “optional” in the sense that the engine can run perfectly fine without them. Who knew?

At any rate, scratch another culprit off of the list – The fuel injector. That seems to be working quite fine.

I wouldn’t mind a miracle at this point and the car just starts. Wouldn’t that be something?

P.S. I’ve been informed that certain persons are taking advantage of the “Likes” & “Shares” system for these types of blogs. Unfortunate. Until further notice, they have been disabled to dissuade those who would abuse the system to their own ends.


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