It’s Not the Fuel Pump…

It’s Not the Fuel Pump after the break…

It’s Not the Fuel Pump…

You would think that, with an entire weekend, progress would be significant in finding out why my car decided to have a meltdown on a major roadway.

In the world of Real Life, though, efficiency is never a given.

I’ll spare you the suspense – It’s not the fuel pump. We’re getting plenty of fuel to the engine (which also means that the fuel filter has also been given a pass). We’ve got spark plugs sparking. There’s been no rain recently so what could have possibly made the ignition coil wet? It most probably isn’t. Fuses? Nope – They’re all good.

One by one, the list of suspects have been crossed off except for one – The timing belt.

If there’s someone who enjoys prying apart 20% of an engine to look at a timing belt, I haven’t met that person yet. I don’t think that I ever will. Engineers must enjoy burying the timing belt as far into an engine as they possibly can. This is one of the many reasons why I may switch to an electric vehicle someday.

There wasn’t much progress today in getting to the timing belt. We drained the antifreeze out of the radiator so that the radiator can be removed to get to the timing belt. We removed a tube. That was it.

Getting to the timing belt isn’t impossible, it’s just a pain in the body part that rhymes with “bass.”

And if we find out that the timing belt isn’t the culprit for why the car isn’t working?

We’ll step barefooted on that thorn when we get there.


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