Silver Linings…

Silver Linings after the break…

Silver Linings…

You are told in life to always look for the “silver lining” in every bad situation and to “count your blessings.” It is just just another way for people to say to not be so negative even when a very negative event occurs in your life.

Today, my car stopped working suddenly… On a busy stretch of 4-lane road. Nothing horrible happened before hand – The car felt like it was constantly shifting between gears but there were no sudden jerks or motions. Someone who had never driven the car before might not have suspected a thing, it was so subtle. Then, just after I had turned through an intersection, the car stopped working.



Quick, do you know the telephone number for your car insurance company? Your car insurance account number? Odds are, you don’t. Did you remember to shift your car into neutral in an attempt to steer your car as much as possible off of the road? I didn’t, although I tried to steer it as much as possible.

Here are the silver linings, though, that I took away from this event:

  1. This only occurred a few miles away from where I live.
  2. I remembered to turn my emergency blinkers on promptly (even before my car stopped rolling).
  3. I had a cell phone to use.
  4. It was a nice, sunny day for the season.
  5. It did not occur on some obscure back road.
  6. No one got killed or hurt.
  7. No cars were physically damaged.

I could continue to list reasons – My car turns over but it doesn’t start. It still has electricity. There are no obvious signs of mortal engine damage (a dragging transmission, heaving and clunking of the engine as though all of the oil has been drained, etc.). The entire incident, from car no longer working to the tow truck driving away after towing my vehicle back to where I live, lasted all of one hour and change. Most people wish for that time frame to be under three hours and do not achieve even that.

At the end of the day, I am alive. The car is undamaged except for whatever is wrong with it. Car insurance will cover the towing. Dark clouds may still occur – Will I be bilked on some obscure towing charge? Does the car need super-drastic repairs? How much will my premiums go up? Yet this is, as the kiddies might say, “a first-world problem.”

I am, by nature, a glass half-empty kind-of guy. As I begin to look under the hood at what might have gone wrong, I am trying to see the “silver linings” and “count my blessings.” At the end of the day, though, a “first-world problem” is still a problem.

A problem not yet fixed.



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