Norway and Their “Wood”…

Norway and Their “Wood” after the break…

Norway and Their “Wood”…

If you read enough articles, you learn something about the world you didn’t know about. Sometimes, though, you would prefer to “unlearn” it.

Case in Point – Norway loves their wood. A lot. Seriously.

Let’s slow this conversation down for a moment. In this case, “wood” means actual wood, as in what a tree is made out of. The word “wood” has several (some very derogatory) meanings throughout the world. I just wanted to clear that up before we moved forward.

Does every Norwegian love firewood to the point of it being an embarrassing fetish? Probably not. However, talking about firewood in Norway is apparently popular enough that they had an eight-hour long television program of nothing but a fireplace being used. Yup. And it was watched by a lot of Norwegians.

Look – We live in a world of diverse activities. Each activity has it’s own dedicated followers willing to specialize to a seemingly unhealthy degree to advance that activity in any number of ways – Technologically, socially, historically… We should be thankful that there are people who sew until their fingers fall off, who bowl until their shoulders snap, who sail until their sail falls apart, who drive vehicles until their tires fall off. These people test these activities to their limit and create better products and services for the rest of us to enjoy. Good for them that they sacrifice themselves for the greater good of society.

I just don’t get it, though. It’s firewood. It’s a chore. Have you ever had to split and stack firewood? Maybe it’s fun for a few moments if only because it is a novel activity. There is some physical activity involved so, naturally, it is a little better then sitting on the proverbial couch eating snacks while watching television or listening to music. Yet it is firewood. If you find yourself in a conversation about how you stack your firewood, “Bark up or bark down?”, then perhaps you ought to ask another question – “Why are we so involved in how we stack our firewood and why are you so engrossed on how *I* stack my firewood?”

I have little doubt that other cultures will look at my own and laugh their heads off or shake their heads while trying not to sob because, naturally, every culture is looked upon by another as the harbinger of doom for civilized society. Yet the trend in Norway is about firewood. Firewood and how you stack it. Does it really matter how you stack your firewood so long as you have enough firewood and in a timely manner? Can’t we all just… Stack along?

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