Russian Dash Cams…

Russian Dash Cams after the break…

Russian Dash Cams…

I’ll admit it – I’m ashamed. Blogs are supposed to be daily – This one certainly isn’t. Blogs are supposed to be informative. This one certainly hasn’t been as of late.

It’s tough to always have something to write when you have nothing to write and something to say when you have nothing that needs to be said.

Having written all of that, I’m always humbled by what I learn of the outside world. Take, for instance, the Russian road system. If you drive automobiles, you soon learn the Golden Rule of Driving – Everyone else on the road is an idiot except for you. You perceive yourself as the proverbial Gold Standard and everyone else drives substandard to you. People drive faster than you and they’re idiots because of it. They brake too quickly or they don’t brake quickly enough. They accelerate too quickly or they don’t accelerate quickly enough. Their cars look like garbage or their cars are so pristine that you wonder about their priorities in life. They change lanes too quickly. They use their turn signals too much or too little. The list could go on indefinitely.

I have no doubt that the majority of drivers in Russia attempt to drive responsibly. There are idiot drivers in every country who don’t deserve to walk, let alone be in charge of a metallic, wheeled battering ram that is steerable.

However, it is somewhat unnerving to learn that the enforcement practices in Russia are such that Russian citizens feel compelled to have dashboard video cameras recording in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident. According to what I’ve read, video documentation is priceless in determining fault and witness accounts are next to useless. As a result, a growing number of Russians feel compelled to record their driving experience and often display acts of grotesque driving mishaps that are recorded on the Internet. Such displays do not present a calming picture of Russian road conditions.

Every country has idiot drivers. Every country has bad road conditions. Every country has it’s fill of cars that aren’t fit to be flower pots, much less moving vehicles for people. The impression, though, from the Internet is that Russia seems to have a greater percentage of “Are you kidding me?” driving accident moments than other countries. Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if all other countries followed suit and had cameras in their cars as well.

This entire incident just goes to show that everyone needs to drive cautiously and be considerate. Use your turn signals. Slowly decelerate to a stop. Slowly accelerate to a comfortable speed. Don’t burst a vein in your forehead if someone in front of you isn’t driving as fast as you’d prefer. If someone is driving like an idiot, just allow them to get ahead of you.

What I’ve seen in the “Russian dash cam” videos is unfortunate. I hope no one died or were seriously injured in those car accidents. I hope the people who get out of their cars to re-enact their favorite fight scenes from action movies reflects upon their behavior before attempting such feats again.

I understand that Russia is still in a delicate phase of transition to a more freer society. Russian dash cam footage, though, reveals that they ought to have an honest dialog about traffic safety and driving decorum. Watching the footage certainly reinforces the conservative driving habits that I have long since adopted decades ago.

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