The Atari 800 is a TANK!

The Atari 800 is a TANK! after the break…

The Atari 800 is a TANK!

All I have to write is that the Atari 800 home computer and the Atari 810 disk drive areFCUKING TANKS! They are the T-800 of personal computing.

Really… It puts the iPad / iPod / i-Whatever to shame. Honestly, is your iWhatever touchscreen thingie going to work 30+ years from now? Probably not.

The Atari 800 can be thrown into an attic for 30+ years and resurrected like it’s The Terminator! From a deep sleep, this beast awakens from a slumber uninhibited by the elements. When Chuck Norris dreams at night, he dreams that he will be as durable as an Atari 800. Wrecking balls crack when they strike an Atari 800. The Egyptians wanted to build the Great Pyramids out of Atari 800s but couldn’t, so they had to settle for carved blocks of stones instead.

Extreme heat? Extreme cold? Dampness? Dryness? FCUK THAT! IT’S AN ATARI 800! It’s RAM modules can be used as personal defense devices! It’s cartridges (The brown metal Atari ones) can be used for mortar rounds!

The Atari 800 is mighty. 8-bits of ultimate toughness.


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