Whatever Happened To… Portalized?

“Whatever Happened To… Portalized?” after the break…

Whatever Happened To… Portalized?

Back when I first started this blog, I wanted to write like all of the cool bloggers. I was particular harsh in some of my opinions and didn’t use uppercase letters for reasons that now seem a little silly.

Regardless, one of my pet peeves in living life is never quite knowing whatever happened to some of the news stories that you inevitably see during your lifetime. Remember all of those, “scientists have discovered a gene in mice that makes them live 20 times longer then normal”-type stories? Clearly, if something significant had happened, you would have heard something more about that event. Yet, far too often, news centers of one stripe or another often simply report something and then never follow up on that story to it’s conclusion.

This blog has been around long enough for where I’ve posted on some external projects that have piqued my curiosity enough to write about them here. Like a class reunion no one really wants to attend but attends anyway simply out of respect, I figured that it was high time to reunite with some of these promising projects and see whatever happened to them.


“Portalized” was intended to be the free equivalent of the computer game “Portal” (which, in turn, started life as a tech demo called “Narbacular Drop”).  Not only was the game supposed to be free but additional game play mechanisms were to be added, including size adjustment and time adjustment portals (something similar to what the computer game “Prey” employed). Some YouTube videos were made about prospective abilities one would have in the Portalized universe.

“Portalized” eventually changed it’s name to “Pseudoform” and an alpha version called was released. This release was very unstable for a lot of people. Despite some additional work on the game, the main designer for the game, “Svenstaro,” eventually abandoned the project for other ventures. Another designer, “null,” similarly abandoned the project not long after, leaving the entire project realistically abandoned. Roughly three years later, a new developer named “born2prgm” has declared that he (she? I’m guessing “he”) is interested in continuing to develop the game to completion.

It’s highly doubtful that an actual, tangible game will ever become of this once promising project. I do not doubt “born2prgm” but I am skeptical of all such endeavors until they bear actual programs. I hope that that “born2prgm” succeeds and that I have the good fortune to play “Pseudoform” as it was intended to be played.

Verdict? MOSTLY DEAD (Slim chance of revival).

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