The Rant – There is no Justice in this World…

The Rant – There is no Justice in this World after the break…

The Rant – There is no Justice in this World…

I’m about to spew. You’ve been warned.

You know, I’m beginning to realize why so many people stop making an honest effort. Why those people tend to “coast” towards retirement. Why they take long personal breaks at work when they shouldn’t, have long personal phone calls at work when they shouldn’t.

Let me speak for a moment to all of the managers in the world. All of them. Gather ’round. There’s plenty of room, just push in if you can’t hear this. Is everyone here? Everyone listening? Good. Here it is:




Everyone can now listen back in. Look, I understand the business environment that the btichier you are, the more people pay attention to you. We live in an attention-whore society now. I’m not stupid. Various celebrities, mostly female, know how to work the system to gain attention and make money in doing so. That is why I am very careful not to repeat various celebrity names on this blog because I don’t want to give them any more attention then they already feel that they deserve. However, not just celebrities are conducting themselves this way but a lot of people are conducting themselves this way, as well.

I’d like to tell the tale of “Sashole.” I used to work with a female co-worker named “Sashole” (that is obviously not her real name). Sashole was not a nice person. She spread lies and rumors at work all of the time. She couldn’t perform her job very well, either, often blaming others for her own incompetence. She even harassed one co-worker out of a job so that she could install her cousin-in-law (“Younger Sashole”) in that co-worker’s place. In very short order, she was thoroughly hated by all of her co-workers except for her cousin who was also a co-worker. However, as exceedingly mean as she was to her co-workers, she was exceedingly nice to her female manager and the male CFO (Chief Financial Officer). [EDITED OUT BECAUSE, EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD GO FURTHER INTO DETAIL, I WON’T.] As a result, any complaints that the staff made about Sashole usually fell on deaf ears because we would complain to Human Resources, Human Resources would tell the CFO about it and the CFO would tell them what they could go do with that complaint (something about sticking it where the sun doesn’t shine).

About 4 years into her tyranny, though, an event happened that finally signaled a possible turning point – Someone had slipped the Director of Revenue (the manager below the CFO and above Sashole’s manager) an anonymous threatening note because that manager dared to put an end to the tyranny by imposing such harsh standards like coming to work on time and not leaving early. Now an intra-company investigation had to open up, which the CFO did his absolute best to squash it because everyone knew who the two most likely culprits were, Sashole and Younger Sashole. As usual, nothing was done about it because – lo and behold – they couldn’t find out who did it even though there was pretty damning evidence that, at the very least, Younger Sashole played a significant role (if not outright doing it all).

Six or so months after the turning point, Sashole finally left our business… To be a manager elsewhere… At a southern public university. I always knew that Sashole was probably making a larger salary at her new job then myself but never how much. Until today.

There is no fcuking justice in this world. How an incompetent, lying little btich who could barely bumble her way through her old job could land, not just a managerial job, not just a state job, but a job that pays so much is simply mind-blowing.

Now I’m beginning to understand why motivated, talented workers simply give up. Why a 30 minute lunch break bleeds into 45 minutes and then morphs into an hour. Why dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s just doesn’t make sense.

So, to all of you managers and executives out there – THAT is the type of reason why your employees phone it in. When you reward untalented suck-ups, you punish the few remaining who attempt to give a damn in spite of the lack of intrinsic or extrinsic rewards. It’s just that simple.


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