Cryostasis – Nearing the End…

Cryostasis – Nearing the End after the break…

Cryostasis – Nearing the End…

I can’t write much more about “Cryostasis” that I haven’t already covered in prior entries. I hope that I am nearing the end, if only so that I may move onto other games and finally put this one to rest.

I don’t hate Cryostasis but there just isn’t much to be enthusiastic about it either. I will admit, though, that I’ve stumbled upon one brilliant moment late in the game that must be commended. If this has happened in other games before, then I apologize for my naivete but this is the first time that I’ve stumbled across it.

At some point along the way, you’ll be able to start a movie projector in a small movie theater from within the ship. Once the movie starts, enemies appear on the movie screen and begin to fire at you, hurting you despite being movie projections. I attempted to use my axe to hurt them but it didn’t seem to work; You could only shoot back at them, killing them. I think that this scene was NEAT! The gimmick was inventive, the situation was a bit chilling (no pun intended) and the conclusion (A large double-machine gun enemy literally bursting through the screen) was an appropriate conclusion. Too bad that you didn’t have the opportunity to cause the film to melt, “killing” the enemies and eliminating the film.

Imagine another tactic that this scene could have taken – Watching yourself in second person go through a small maze to unlock a door or other simple objective.

At any rate, I think that, beyond a handful of moments and one good game play mechanic, Cryostasis has not offered a compelling reason to be replayed or even played the first time through by a majority of players. I’ll reserve my final thoughts about it until after I’ve completed the game.


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