Cryostasis – More Impressions…

Cryostasis – More Impressions after the break…

Cryostasis – More Impressions

After playing the game for 2 days, here is my general overall impression of the game – One nifty game play mechanic, a nifty enough setting (although not entirely unexpected given the nationality of the developer) but marred by actual game play performance, mismanagement of the game play mechanic and hobbled by a seemingly unnecessary combat system. If someone presently asked me, “Hey, I’m thinking of buying Cryostasis. What do you think?” My honest response would be, “Watch the YouTube play through and see if that’s truly the game you want.”

On to the specifics:

  • I really think that, stripped down, the “heat is good, cold is bad” mechanic could be made into a nifty game. Honest. There is a lot of puzzle potential there but it is mostly squandered in this game.
  • I understand the “If enemies hit you, they make you colder” game play mechanic and even appreciate it but, inversely, why can’t I have heated weapons to have a “shield” effect against them? They are, after all, impervious to cold so wouldn’t that mean that they are vulnerable to nominal amounts of heat?
  • I’m not keen on the combat system at all. I understand the “you’re in heavy arctic clothes so, of course, you’re not nimble” but computer gamers don’t see it like that. They simply see slow, slothy movements.
  • Water = death. Although I don’t like it on a personal level, it is appropriate for the game setting and it was a nice touch by the developers.
  • Very linear. Very, very linear. “On rails” linear.
  • I don’t feel a sense of spookiness yet. No ominous feelings. The frost is a nice touch but there’s nothing that really spells “DOOM” (the sensation, not the brand) in the game for me. Sure, you see frozen people and, obviously, there are enemies but there’s nothing… disturbing yet. There’s no real supernatural element or despair. No bloody writings on the wall. No faces with unusual facial expressions or bodies with no heads or anything of the such.
  • When swinging an ax, swing lower then you should and you’ll hit the target more frequently.
  • I’m not getting the vibe with the forest story so far. It just isn’t connecting with me.

Anyway, those are just my impressions after 2 days of playing this game. Right now, I’m powering through it but not obsessed with playing it. I’ve been informed through the Internet that the game isn’t multi-core optimized and, judging on my character’s sloth-like movements, I believe it. However, for some reason, I’m playing in widescreen mode quite effortlessly while others appeared to have great difficulty obtaining such a mode.

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