Cryostasis (2009 game) Impressions…

Cryostasis (2009 game) Impressions after the break…

Cryostasis (2009 game) Impressions…

Explore a derelict but definitely not abandoned Soviet-era ship in “Cryostasis,” a 2009 first person shooter video game from the now-defunct Action Forms and published by 1C company. You play as Alexander Nesterov, a Soviet meteorologist who investigates the derelict ship, The North Wind, a nuclear-powered Soviet ice-breaker ship. Obviously, the crew of the ship has met a terrible fate… A fate that awaits you unless you can figure out what happened to the crew and to prevent it from occurring to yourself…

Since I am playing through the game as I write this, I can’t call this a “review.” However, here are my impressions of the game upon playing the first portion of it –

  • I probably shouldn’t have added the 1.1 patch to it because even when I then added a modified “config.cfg” file designed to tamp down on the system requirements, it doesn’t exactly run very smoothly.
  • The game certainly seems dependent upon the mystery of the plot – After the first portion, not much is revealed.
  • The “warmth = health” game play mechanic is sort of nifty and I’m guessing that the combat mechanic of “enemy hits you = you get colder” was made to balance that out which is a pity because it doesn’t make much sense logic-wise. If this had been a straight adventure, perhaps the mechanic would’ve been changed to “enter cold room = get colder.” Thinking about it a bit more in depth, imagine a game where enemies are afraid of heat and your ability to either create heat within rooms or carry heat (torches, flares, etc.) allows you to eliminate that threat without resorting to combat mechanics.
  • The game is nauseatingly linear. That, alone, wouldn’t be bad but doors seemingly close and lock behind you at rather inconvenient times. You can’t, in essence, go back to boost your “warmth” (aka health) after a fight.
  • Nifty setting – Frosted over derelict ship.

I’m sticking with the game now only for the plot and not for the fighting (or the shoddy performance).

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