Reality Delayed…

Reality Delayed after the break…

Reality Delayed…

I know I can never complain. Somewhere else in the world, atrocities of unspeakable nature are occurring. People are killed simply because someone suspects that they are of a different religion or political party then they are. People are dying because of a complete lack of medical care. People are being put into prison or tortured simply because someone in power wants it to happen, not because of any wrongdoing on the persecuted’s part. Starving, drowning, being crushed by incompetently made buildings that fall at the slightest tremor, mud slides… All around the world, people suffer untold misery that would be met with complete and total aghast in the more civilized and privileged parts of the world.

Yet, I can’t feel but a little angry over the inconvenience that occurred to me today. Sure, it will all be better tomorrow (hopefully, we shall see…) but the reality is that I can’t help but be a little disappointed by the personal events that transpired today.

I don’t know why I feel shame whenever one of these little disappointments emerge, especially when one of those disappointments are so egregious that I actually exhibit anger. I can’t control what happens around the rest of the world – It’s unfortunate that some parts of the world will seemingly forever be “the bench warmers” of civilized society to use a basketball analogy.

Failure, it’s said, is a two-way street – Both parties are at fault, even if the mass majority of fault lies with one party. It’s both parties’ obligation to create success and when both are vigilant, success is all but inevitable. That didn’t happen today even if both parties were sincere in their efforts.

There’s nothing that I can do about it now. I guess I’ll just wait for tomorrow and redouble my efforts. I feel bad for feeling disappointment and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just reality delayed. Given the plight of so many around the world, I should be fortunate that it’s just delayed and not in question at all.


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