Samsung Syncmaster Monitors…

Samsung Syncmaster Monitors after the break…

Samsung Syncmaster Monitors…

This is for everyone searching the Internet with “white halo around letters,” “white border around letters,” “white border around text” and “white border around letters” (or such similar search engine phrase) when using a Samsung Syncmaster monitor.

If you’re, like, “Hey! I have this crazy thin white halo or border around all of my letters,” then, let me ask you a question – Did you turn off “ClearType”? Yes? Did it solve the problem? No, it did not. Turn it back on, because that obviously isn’t part of the problem.

Now, ask yourself this question – Are you using a HDMI cable to connect your monitor to your computer? If your answer was similar to, “Holy hsit! Yeah, I am using a HDMI cable to connect my Samsung Syncmaster monitor to my computer! How’d you know?” Then your answer is here.

It’s not Windows 7 / Vista / or anything like that which is causing the problem.

It’s the monitor’s settings that are causing the problem (hence the title of the post above).

Here’s the solution – Go into your monitor’s menu. Go to the input menu. Go to the edit name option. In there, set the HDMI mode to “DVI PC.”

BOOM! PROBLEM SOLVED! Thank you for playing!

Now, granted, this will remove the sound capabilities that were coming through the HDMI cable but you’ve already got separate sound cables, right? Well, that’s for another post.

One Response to “Samsung Syncmaster Monitors…”

  1. Arjan Says:

    Thanks for your solution. For me it also worked to put it on PC, instead of DVI PC.
    I even got the sound back! I went to the Windows Control Panel, and selected the Samsung as the primary source.
    Hope this can help some people.

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