Rear Struts…

Rear Struts after the break…

Rear Struts…


Despite getting the new rear strut, it can’t be installed yet because the rubber gasket that goes onto the “plate” of the strut is sold separately and not available just yet. No rubber gasket, no installation. Bummer.


So, the first strut was finally removed. Yea! Note to self – When buying a new car, check to see how easy it is to remove a rear strut.

Actually, that’s a bit of a lie because the rear strut would’ve been a heck of a lot easier to take off had two friggin’ bolts not broken off! I guess that it could partially be my fault because I don’t clean the underside of my car often but how many people think to themselves – “You know, I might want to wash the underside of my car today because in a few years, I may have to remove one of my rear struts and I want all the bolts to be removed nice and easy.”

Anyway, after a lot of wear and tear, the strut is out and now the new one will have to be put in. Joy. Hopefully, that one goes in better then the last one was removed. We shall see.

Oh, and only one strut is going to be replaced because the other one looks just fine. And it better stay that way for the next 90 friggin’ years.


I have to replace the rear struts on my car. Apparently, if one has to be replaced then it’s a good idea to replace the other one, too. It’s sort of like replacing car tires – If you get a flat in one, then you replace all of them or else your car has a new albeit slight steering problem.

Replacing anything on your vehicle is easy so long as all the nuts and bolts and screws come out without difficulty. There lies the rub – A lot of these nuts and bolts and screws have not been touched since the car was built and shipped off to a car dealer’s lot. Good luck getting some of them out. Even if they were touched or even replaced at one point, it doesn’t take too many years for such components to settle and rust and “merge” with other nearby parts to ensure that any amount of tinkering will be greeted by a whole host of rusty fun.

Right now, I just finished the morning session of attempting to remove one of the struts. Two bolts snapped off and one was just a pain in the a$$ to remove but, thankfully, came out intact. One bolt didn’t need to be drilled while the other, unfortunately, does.

I sincerely hope the other strut is far easier to remove then the first one.

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