Portals in Star Trek: Elite Force?…

Portals in Star Trek: Elite Force? after the break…

Portals in Star Trek: Elite Force?…

Although my playing of “Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 1” has slowed down, I have had a few more observations since I last wrote about it.

  • The level of the three “kitbashed” starships was nicely done, especially given the age of the game. I can understand why Star Trek enthusiasts have since used this engine and the sequel to create entire starships and space stations and why the expansion pack for the game was, essentially, a “virtual Voyager.”
  • I was really surprised by the “mirror” and “cameras” in this game (such as in the area where you change uniforms on board the “alternate” Federation starship) which resemble, for all intents and purposes, portals in the same sense as the portals in the computer game “Portal.” Granted, the concept of portals in computer games are nothing new (the long-delayed computer game “Prey” had portals in it’s previous iterations before the final retail version) but to see it in an older FPS engine not necessarily built for it was a bit striking. I’m really surprised that the Star Trek Elite Force forums don’t comment much about them.
  • After the “kitbash” stealth level, the Borg level is a bit disappointing. The combination of stealth and varied interior architecture is a hard combination to beat. Borg cube interiors don’t lend themselves well to early FPS engines and the contrast between level architecture in the two levels definitely shows.
  • I really, really, REALLY hate boss battles. Boss battles are almost as cliched and tired as the “small, fast and fragile” enemy stereotype that FPSes used to (and sadly, still do) use to frustrate the player.

Anyway, my continuing thoughts on the game as I continue to work through it.


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