Nehrim – Another Update…

Nehrim – Another Update after the break…

Nehrim – Another Update…

“Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge” is a total conversion mod for “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.” While Nehrim isn’t a “total conversion” in the classical sense of “It’s completely different then the game it was derived from,” there are definitely more then a few differences in it.

The longer that I play this game, the more I am “gently” frustrated with it, if that makes sense.

  • Fast Travel. I really miss that feature. I really, really, really miss that feature. The realistic absence of fast travel (yes, I know of teleportation spells and teleportation runes and the whatnot but that’s not fast travel) has completely altered the way I play the game. For instance, I care not one whit about quests anymore. Why? Because quests require you to go from “Point A” to “Point B” in order to accomplish anything. Traveling takes time and is, for the most part, boring. When you and your family went on vacations, was the most exciting part of the trip the first two hours you spent in the car just trying to get out of the state? No. It was actually being at the park, or the campground, or wherever the destination was. Same thing here – Except for the fact that, on occasion, you’re attacked by a bear, a kobold or some other creature. As a result, I simply go from one dungeon (yes, some are called “ruins,” “vaults,” and the what not but they are all dungeons of one stripe or another) to the next. Break into dungeon, kill everyone, sell off the junk I don’t want, keep the junk that I do, wander to the next dungeon. Wash, rinse, repeat. If I eventually stumble upon a quest… Great. Whenever I wander towards [wherever I need to go in order to continue the quest], I’ll be sure to check in with it. If not… Onto the next dungeon.
  • My machine can’t handle “Nehrim.” Or Nehrim is persistently buggy, despite the fact that I have the latest patch installed. I’ve adopted an “Am I about to go into a load zone? Save” mentality. About to enter a dungeon? Save. Did I enter the dungeon? Save. Am I about to go into a new load area of the dungeon? Save. Did I kill something? Save. Did I just repair something? Save. Because I have no idea when the screen with freeze and I’ll have a CTD (Crash-to-Desktop). Of course, Oblivion is rather notorious for penalizing people who save early and often by crashing as a result of it so there’s a bit of a “darned if you do, darned if you don’t” mentality.
  • I’ve learned about cooking things recently which is a nice touch, especially for lower-level characters. Cooking things increases the value of certain alchemy ingredients and gives you 1 experience point. I’m not sure of the significant value of it – I think that, at most, it allows lower-level characters to make some more money, which brings me to…
  • Money is quickly becoming worthless to me. By level 10, I have more money then I know what to do with. Granted, I’m sure there are some high-level crap that I could buy elsewhere in the world (I’m still stuck in the “Middle Realm,” so I’m certain the North and South realms will require some hefty equipment in order to pass muster which will require some bucks) but all of my equipment, so far, I’ve taken off of enemies with the exception of magic spells.
  • Most dungeons have a “boss” character. Personally, I don’t understand that but it’s just a quirk of the game play design, I guess.

Nehrim isn’t a bad game – It’s just that without fast travel, I really have no incentive to perform the globe-trotting quests that role-playing games often give you. If I have to spend 5 solid minutes running from one silly location to the next (and that’s not taking into account the occasional enemy) just to satisfy one part of one quest, it’s just not worth my time to go on them when a better part of my time could be spent in dungeons, killing things and gaining experience (and money and the occasional useful item).

Anyway, those are my impressions as I soldier onward in the game.


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