Nehrim – Update…

Nehrim – Update after the break…

Nehrim – Update…

“Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge” is a total conversion mod for the video game “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.” This mod, quite simply, puts all other mods to shame and the few mega-mods (like Elsweyr & Morroblivion) that can compete can’t because they don’t feel as complete yet as Nehrim does.

Having played the game for some time now, here are my impressions –

  • I like fast travel. I really do. This much-maligned feature, which allows a player to instantly revisit a previously visited location, is an absolute game changer for those of us who don’t have hours to spend in front of a computer or video game console. Quite honestly, the realistic lack of this feature in “Nehrim” (there are teleportation spells and the whatnot but they cost you runes and stones and other such game balancing gimmicks) has caused me to radically alter my approach towards playing the game. Instead of doing more traveling, I am more inclined to grind my way through each and every mine, vault, ruin and whatever else I can find. The only time I travel? To unload the items I’ve acquired through killing who-knows-how-many skeletons, zombies, wolves and bandits.
  • Right now, I’m nearing the end of grinding my way through the Vault of Telredar. At level 8, I’ve acquired a “Fireball first, swords and shields if it comes down to it” attitude for taking out enemies. The sequence usually is – Sneak up close enough, fire off 2 fireballs, run for the nearest level load door (a door that separates two “zones” or distinct playing areas), heal up, go back through the door, repeat until enemy is dead.
  • Curiously, humans and ghosts have no problem going through level load doors but everyone else does. I figured that zombies are too stupid to grasp the concept of a door knob (or latch) but what about goblins and skeletons? They have hands, don’t they? They know the concepts of doors, right?
  • How come you never get any credit from the surrounding area for clearing out any of these mines or ruins or whatnot? Not even a “Oh, hey, thanks for clearing out that cave filled with sword-wielding skeletons. Now our village is safer.” I think it would be more realistic if the nearest village or wherever liked you a bit better if you provided the service of clearing out nearby caves of enemies. After all, who wants to be on a road where you pass right by a mine occupied by bandits? Also, how come no one else ever clears out these areas? Am I the only adventurer out there willing to perform this dirty work? Shouldn’t the Lord or Baron or King or whoever else rules the land try to rid their kingdom of such things as a means to encourage economic growth and stability?

Anyway, I hope to finally clear out the vault tonight or tomorrow so I can move on to the next mine or cave or whatever.


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