Nehrim – Day One…

Nehrim – Day One after the break…

Nehrim – Day One…

We live in a world of diversity. Short people, tall people. Fat people, skinny people. High-pitched voices, low-pitched voices. Wealthy people, poor people.

In this age of political correctness, it isn’t polite to note that some people are better then others. Obviously, there are a lot of people who make an honest effort at performing a great job. However, some people are just “better” at some things then others. Stick 100 people in a room and one of them is bound to be the “best” at a particular activity and one of them will be the “worst.” It doesn’t always equate to “good” or “bad” but that is reality and we must appreciate it for what it’s worth.

In the arena of “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” mods, there are few mods so large & so expansive that they belong in the pantheon of absolute greatness. Each of these mods deserve our unabated praise, for each represents a Herculean effort in terms of time and resources to construct. If I had even the fraction of the talent necessary to compose such a mod, I’d seriously consider quitting my day job and take my chances as a video game designer.

One such mod is called “Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge.” I hesitate, though, to call this project a “mod.” The project is of such scope and depth that it deserves to transcend the “mod” title and simply be considered it’s own game because, in many legitimate ways, it actually IS it’s own game.

Unlike other mods, “Nehrim” owes nothing to the Elder Scrolls storyline. You won’t hear of an Emperor’s assassination, there are no Oblivion gates or Daedric shrines. “Nehrim” is in it’s own world with it’s own history.

Granted, the two titles do share some assets. After all, it is difficult to make a complete “total conversion” with Oblivion. The user interface is similar, as are the magic spells that you can cast and the weapons that you wield.

The name “Nehrim” is a misleading title – The title refers to a continent that you are on, not the entire world (which is called “Vyn”). The continent is undergoing significant internal strife and you will become a part of that strife. One of the few gifted to use magic, you must first escape the deadly nature of an expansive abandoned mine that serves as your tutorial. Forget normal “Oblivion”-styled dungeons and caves – Just this mine alone (“Shadow Song Mine”) would have been enough to have made an impressive mod.

Upon escaping the mine, you are then tasked with traveling to a sanctuary where people may still use magic… For now. From there, the journey opens up into a world roughly the size of that of the original “Oblivion.”

My impressions after one day –

  • Shadow Song Mine is too big. I found myself actually getting bored with the mine about 75% through. I’m sure I missed quite a few things in the mine that I should have picked up because I just wanted the game to start. Overall, the mine was more frustrating in length then in specific tasks.
  • A “kill the rats” quest so early on? Nice solution, though. I shouldn’t have solved it as it would have been a nice way to boost my skills.
  • I need to start backtracking and sell everything – I’m too used to playing powerful characters. I need to be more “economically” minded if I am to succeed in this world.

Do I enjoy the German dialog? Not really. Sound files are always large and I have no doubt that a huge chunk of the 1.6 gigs is probably speech that I can’t understand. Also, there are some other foreign language posters in the game that I can’t read. However, these are quibbles for now that, hopefully, won’t come back to undermine the effectiveness of this game.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more exploring to do…


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