Skyline (teaser trailer) review…

Skyline (teaser trailer) review after the break…

Skyline (teaster trailer) review…

It feels awkward to review a trailer that’s 90 seconds long. However, I feel compelled to do so only because of how horribly awkward the trailer presents the premise of the movie.

“Skyline” is your typical “The End of the World” movie. It’s “hook” is that, in this version of doomsday, aliens come down and swoop us up with a bright blue light that humans find irresistible to look at.

No, seriously – That’s the hook. The aliens have a backyard bug zapper and, in this movie, they’re not afraid of using it.

The hook, by itself, might’ve been interesting but is presented so horribly that it defies imagination how this preview ever got past anyone… Important. Or knowledgeable. Or… Anything.

Here’s a hint – Whenever a trailer needs people to rely upon reading something on the screen… Make a new trailer. In this instance, the trailer literally spells out that:

  • NASA has decided to beam out a message into space to look for extraterrestrials.
  • A famous scientist states that we are morons for advertising our location to extraterrestrials because they would likely kill us when they find us.

The trailer then proceeds with the blue light show and a final image of hundreds of people, all at once, getting sucked into a giant spaceship.

Quite honestly, this trailer needs so much work, I don’t even know where to begin.

First, there’s no suspense – We don’t see these people killed, just sucked into a space ship. Maybe they all get ice cream once they’re sucked in. Who knows. Maybe they should have showed them dying or burst upon getting closer to the space ship… Something to show that being sucked into an alien space ship via blue light is not a good thing… At all.

Second, this trailer does not show us WHY these aliens even need to invade Earth to begin with. After all, if aliens are smart enough to fly all the way across the universe / galaxy / whatever to find us, don’t you think that they’d already have the resources to solve whatever problems they were having before they needed to invade us? If they needed a habitable planet, then if they have the technology to fly all the way out to us, don’t you think they’d have the technology to terraform one themselves? If they needed slaves, don’t you think they could create robots that could perform those functions?


When was the last time you destroyed an ant colony or a spider’s web “just because”? Probably not often. Need silk? There’s better places to get all the silk you need. Need… To get rid of ants? Why not just engineer a plague that wipes the humans out altogether? Why need a blue light?

I was really taken aback by how poorly this preview trailer was planned. Why not just show an on-the-scene reporter and a cameraman getting “sucked” into the blue light during a broadcast of the strange lights? That would’ve been more suspenseful, left more questions open and generated heaps more positive feedback then the current preview trailer.

Anyway, that’s just my take on it.


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