Nuclear Winter (2006 short film) review…

Nuclear Winter (2006 short film) review after the break…

Nuclear Winter (2006 short film) review…

It is said that “Getting there (meaning the destination) should be half of the fun.” The saying is meant to imply that people should not invest all of their hopes on a payoff but spread their desires and aspirations over multiple events leading up to the expected payoff. It’s the lifestyle equivalent of diversifying your financial portfolio.

“Nuclear Winter” is a 13-minute short film from 2006 that fails the above saying both ways: It quickly wears out it’s premise long before the film ends and then simply ends without any payoff whatsoever.

“Nuclear Winter” involves an Internet podcast show where one man tricks another man into climbing into a Fallout shelter under the false pretense of an actual nuclear attack. Once the ruse is revealed, though, the two men find out that they can’t escape.

The short film bills itself as a “comedy” but there’s not much comedy to be had. Tension between the two men obviously builds but is never resolved. Why didn’t they try to pick the lock on the door? Don’t these two men have friends or family that would eventually miss them? Don’t they have jobs? Wouldn’t someone have located their car?

I think that the premise, stripped of it’s so called “comedy,” has actual merit. Unfortunately, there’s simply nothing that is done with this premise, even in the short time of 13 minutes. Why not reveal that the podcast was being taped but wasn’t live? Why not have a revelation that there really was a nuclear event? Why not have a male and female who are initially repulsed over each other but then, through the confinements of the bomb shelter, begin a relationship? There are so many possibilities but none of them are explored here.

I was really hoping for some revealing moments for the two characters to emerge: The host to come to terms with why he needed to prank people and the “victim” to come to terms with his “living death” inside the functional bomb shelter. I would’ve bet even money that one of the two would’ve committed suicide or one would’ve killed the other but that doesn’t happen here. The short film, literally, just ends and that’s the show-stopper – In a short film, you need a hook either to keep people interested or to “payoff” those who have kept through it for the entire time.

The fictional podcast is apparently titled, “Freak Out,” which the prankster often asks, “Are you freaked out?” Actually, no – I was bored to tears instead. Odds are, so will you if you watch this.

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