0 A.D. …

0 A.D. after the break…

0 A.D. …

You know, as one gets older, one eventually sheds the activities of their youth for reasons far too extensive to list here. OK, the list isn’t that extensive: Mainly, it’s because people mature and suddenly realize that it doesn’t matter who wins on their favorite reality TV show or that they shouldn’t lose any sleep if their favorite rock band breaks up. Fill in your favorite example here.

One of the silly little activities of my youth was following up on all of these independent gaming projects if only so that I could play a bunch of games for free. One of those games, “They Came From Hollywood” still (yes, still) isn’t out yet… Still. I covered that game back during my “all lowercase” era about two years ago.

Yet another one of these games deserves my mention and that is “0 A.D.” by Wildfire Games (or Wildfire Studios, whichever). This real-time strategy game has been in development for a decade… 10 YEARS! Think about that for a moment – What were you doing ten years ago? Well, these guys have been making this game for that long. 10 years. Wow.

Granted, these people finally have a “pre-alpha” of the game out now. I’m pretty sure that “pre-alpha” means something to the effect of, “If it doesn’t implode your computer after 20 minutes, that’s probably more of a coincidence then actual programming skill.”

So, a tip of the hat to Wildfire Whatever for their perseverance in getting this far in the game development. Maybe, by 2020, the game will be close to a release candidate. One can only hope, right?


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