Make Way for Tomorrow Today…

Make Way for Tomorrow Today after the break…

Make Way for Tomorrow Today…

How sad is the current state of affairs at “Epcot” (yes, that’s how they want to spell it now; Complain to them if you’re not happy) when a single song from “Iron Man 2” captures the hope and optimism of the future better then an ENTIRE FCUKING THEME PARK DEVOTED TOWARDS IT!! OK, “Epcot” used to be devoted towards the future… As to what it is now? Your guess is as good as mine although, granted, it would probably be phrased a lot more politely.

Anyway, the song is called “Make Way for Tomorrow Today” and it was written by one of the Sherman brothers – Yes, those Sherman Brothers who gave you such classics as “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” “Now is the Time (Now is the Best Time),” “One Little Spark” and countless other Disney jingles.

So, while everyone is pretending that they’re enjoying “Epcot” because they’re riding around on a glorified centrifuge ride (Mission: Space) or sitting on a park bench that moves up and down (Soarin’), just remember that you’re missing out on an entire theme park that used to be devoted towards the topic of that song because of cheap-sas executives who worship the dollar bill more then presenting an exciting look at theĀ  future.

“Make Way for Tomorrow Today” – Sadly, that song is as close as modern park guests will ever come to an authentic EPCOT Center experience. We now return you to your dumbed-down amusement park, playing “Turtle Talk with Crush.”


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