Lawn Mower Woes…

Lawn Mower Woes after the break…

Lawn Mower Woes…

My world has temporarily stopped spinning. My lawn mower will not start. Not cool.

Yes, there are quite a few severe problems out there in the world. People are starving or being oppressed. Homes are being flooded or shaken to their foundation. Somebody, somewhere, is probably being brutally murdered as I type this and their family and friends will soon be receiving truly awful, horrible news.

So, in the grand scheme of things, complaining about a lawn mower that doesn’t start sounds a little hollow when compared with the ills of the world. However, this is my pet peeve right now and it hurts just as much.

Even though the battery didn’t need replacing, I replaced the battery. Oil? Check. Gas? Yup.

Still won’t start. Crud.

Utilizing all of my limited mechanical ability (which, trust me, is quite limited), I’ve been able to determine that it’s either the solenoid or the starter. I tried bypassing the solenoid by using the old “hook the jumper cable directly to the starter” trick but it didn’t instantly start the engine like how everyone says it should. Of course, I have to have the “Little Jimmy and Susie accidentally got run over 20 years ago by a lawn mower, politicians paincked and now there’s 20 bajillion safety devices built into the lawn mower meant to ensure that you’re 500 pounds, sitting on the lawn mower, perfectly sober, when you so much as touch the throttle” type of lawn mower. So, maybe it’s a bit more difficult to determine which faulty part is at fault.

I cleaned the connections to just about everything and the dang thing still won’t start. Crud.

Those non-motorized push lawn mowers look better all the time. Ecologically friendly, too.

Hopefully, I perform some magical feat and the darn thing starts up tomorrow. Here’s hoping.


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