USS Aurora (Fallout 3 mod)…

USS Aurora (Fallout 3 mod) review after the break…

USS Aurora (Fallout 3 mod) review…

When it rains, it pours.

“USS Aurora” is a needy mod – It needs for you to have all of the Fallout 3 DLCs (Downloadable Content) in order for you to play it. That means, for those who are rusty in their retention – Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, Broken Steel & Mothership Zeta. Someday, that might be the answer for a trivia question.

Unfortunately, “USS Aurora” is far from being worthwhile enough to warrant anyone taking the financial leap towards purchasing all of the DLCs. Far from it. Very far from it.

“USS Aurora” was made by “Bebbe777 n Dracula420,” who that is or they are, however you want to interpret that. In the description in Fallout3Nexus, though, only “Bebbe777” is credited, so maybe it is two names after all… Or maybe “Dracula420” went the “Alan Smithee” route instead, quietly slinking away into the shadows of the Internet.

Like all other Fallout 3 mods, our first warning sign that we are in for a less-then-thrilling adventure is the word “Alpha” under the “Version” heading. The website “Wikipedia” has it’s “weasel words” & Fallout 3 modders have theirs… And this is one of them.

As for the mod itself, the storyline is this: A spaceship from one of our alternate futures has inadvertently wound up orbiting our planet in Fallout 3’s time line. That’s the story. All of it. Every last piece of it.

I’m almost embarrassed by having to repeat this over what feels like practically every mod review but please include where to start your mod in the README file. THANK YOU. Kids, these days… In this mod, you go to the pre-existing town called “Big Town” where you find a beacon towards the back of the town. Just wander towards the doctor’s place & you should find it fairly easily.

This mod… Well, I’m not sure how much I can write before whatever I write turns scathing. I know that you should never insult someone else’s work but there is absolutely no reason why anyone should feel compelled to keep this for more then it takes to quickly walk through it.

Where to begin?

  • Architecture problems. So numerous that I’m just not going to bother going through them all. Walls that don’t enclose entirely (Try any of the officer’s quarters for example). Being transported into outer space inadvertently (I’m looking at you, XO’s Quarters). Directional discord (Heading north when leaving a zone & then heading an entirely different direction when you enter the new one, even though you only went through a doorway). Rooms being larger then they should or, the Fallout 3 equivalent of Oblivion modders making the inside of homes completely different then outside (The Arborteum being just one example out of many).
  • Lighting. The lighting just felt dull & flat.
  • Wardrobe Malfunctions. OK, to be completely fair, I did convert this mod into an FMOD (Think “OMOD” for Fallout 3 & you get the idea) so maybe that’s why the “StarFleet Command Uniform” magically turned into a standard Vault 101 Jumpsuit. However, the water turned out fairly well so I’m guessing that the FMOD conversion might not have done it.

I’m really too tired to go through the laundry list of items that need to be fixed, re-done before this mod is worthy. To be fair, I will say that each of the personnel quarters has some distinctive features that tells the player, without terminals or NPCs, a little about the person who resides in that quarter. One room has miniature prehistoric animal figures in them. Another room has stacks of pre-war books that, oddly, you can’t interact with. Some rooms were more nicely decorated then others. I suspect that “Bebbe777 n Dracula420” could probably make an OK mod if they just stuck to vanilla Fallout 3 resources & pared down their ambitions by just a tad.

Overall, though, there is absolutely no reason to download & play this “mod.” There is nothing to play; It is an empty spaceship where walls don’t exactly align & the lighting is poor. I was going to add something about the hypospray (nice touch) & a few other things but… Really, there’s no need to. There is nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Judging by the fact that this mod hasn’t been updated since August 2009, it would appear that the authors have moved along as well. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, as I’d love to see them work on a pared down & much simpler mod that’s more in line with their abilities as opposed to their imaginations.

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