More Fallout 3 Impressions…

More Fallout 3 Impressions after the break…

More Fallout 3 Impressions…

So, a few more weeks into playing Fallout 3, I have a few more observations to make about Fallout 3.

  • Followers? Who needs followers? I guess if your vision of a fight is to break through a wall like the “Kool-Aid” man with missile launchers akimbo, then you’ll need to have some back-up to either laugh their butts off when you get hosed by the sixteen or so Mutant Behemoths you foolishly took on in your brief moment of bravado or to help salvage a victory when you realize that every missile you launch won’t score the sneak attack critical it’d need to in order for you to come out of the battle with all of your limbs still attached. Since I play “one shot, one kill,” I haven’t even breached the topic of having followers since there’s really no point to them.
  • Generic Crap in the game? Who needs all of this generic crap in the game? OK, I understand that a lot of the generic crap in this game (tin cans, plates, forks, etc.) have SOME value to the game. A lot of it can be sold, some of it can be used to make weapons & some of it can even be used as ammunition. HOWEVER, I really don’t think that they fully utilized the stuff. Books, even pre-war “clean” books… Can’t be read. In the video game “Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion,” you can actually open up a book & read it. Not so in this game. I really think they did themselves a disservice by not even giving people an option to have a little dialog box pop up & say something like “Most of the pages are ruined by water damage. A barely legible page suggests that this was a non-fiction book but you can’t quite tell” or “Some pages stick. Some pages smell. A few pages stick & smell. All of the pages, though, are practically illegible & you feel dirty even standing near this book, never mind holding it.” In Fallout 4, allow people to actually “read” books or get rid of these things.

Some accomplishments along the way:

  • You know you’re getting good when you don’t need “enchanted” clothing to score a good head shot while sniping.
  • You know you’re bored when you escort the Brahmin back from Girdershade to Megaton successfully.
  • You know you’re a packrat when you notice you’ve collected over 12 spatulas for no other reason then you might need them when you finally kick the doors open & download the bajillion mods out there that probably need it.

All in all, it’s been a nice game so far. I haven’t even touched upon the main quest or the expansions.

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