I Feel Bad For Haiti…

I Feel Bad For Haiti after the break…

I Feel Bad For Haiti…

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock (Don’t wince; There are times that I might join you knowing the state of our world), then you know that a major earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti a little while back. Actually, Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic. Anyway, it’s still an island nation.

Look, I feel bad for Haiti. I really do. No one wants the 3 AM phone call (or is it now the “3 AM text message”?) coming in saying that your son or daughter or whomever has met the wrong end of a 3-ton slab of concrete. For all of the people who have lost their loved ones in the earthquake, my sincerest condolences.


Haiti did it to themselves. No… Wait… Let me explain.

First off, Haiti obviously didn’t cause the earthquake. We all know that. I’m not suggesting that.

However, the government (or lack thereof), coupled with the usual dictatorial side effect of non-existent building code standards & breath-taking lack of infrastructure has contributed to the death toll which continues to rise with each passing day. I won’t fan the flames of a body count number; Go elsewhere for that piece of sensational journalism.

Should we be helping Haiti get out of this mess? Absolutely. We have the capacity to clean up the streets from rubble, to bury bodies, to supply fresh water & food to starving (and now, supposedly, looting) Haitians along with giving them proper medical aid for their injuries.

Should we also step in & set up a functioning government that is actually a government & not a regime? Absolutely. This disaster has been magnified by the fact that the government of Haiti was asleep at the proverbial wheel for far too long. Would a 7.0 earthquake hurt any part of America? Absolutely. However, we have the infrastructure to handle that crisis; Haiti looks like they don’t have the infrastructure to handle a knocked-over glass of water, never mind an actual earthquake.

Any sort of short-term aid should also come with a string attached; Long-term aid in the form of government assistance, such as guaranteeing fair elections & ensuring that the government we leave there is far superior then the government that was there before.


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