Fallout 3 Impressions…

Fallout 3 Impressions After the Break…

Fallout 3 Impressions…

So, about 2-3 weeks into playing Fallout 3, I guess that I enjoy the game a bit more then the first time I tried to play it one year ago.

To my surprise, I haven’t cheated one bit yet throughout the whole thing. Granted, I’ll qualify that statement with these three caveats:

One, I have downloaded a few “God / Cheat mods” from Fallout3Nexus & tried one out briefly. However, this only “contaminated” a few save games & I’ve been playing the mass bulk of the game completely & totally cheat-free.

Two, I have been reading the Fallout wikia quite a bit before utilizing an area. I don’t know if extensive research before exploiting an area is cheating or not… Maybe it’s a Fallout 3 player’s version of a “Wasteland Survival Guide” like in the game.

Three, I accidentally performed the “Big Trouble in Big Town” quest without realizing you needed high skill levels to keep the town safe post-super mutant invasion. Therefore, I did temporarily cheat to boost one of my skill levels up so that I could complete the quest with a clear conscience & keep the good people of Big Town alive post-quest. In all fairness, though, I immediately reset my skill level back to where it was after the quest.

Anyway, here are just a few observations I’ve made so far in my practically cheat-free playthrough of the game:

  • Money? Who Needs Money? I haven’t bought a single thing from anyone so far in this game. At all. If I have, then I sure as heck don’t remember it. About the only big use I’ve had for money was bribing the gate guard at Tenpenny Tower. If it wasn’t for the fact that I would have to re-do about 40 minutes of play time to get back to that moment, I wouldn’t have done that either.
  • Sleep? Who Needs to Sleep? The only reason why I’ve slept in this game at all is more curiosity & convenience then anything else. Preferring to snipe enemies & perform the old “save/load” trick to get the best possible shot, there hasn’t been much damage to my health. Since the only thing that sleep does is regenerate hit points(!), I simply have had no reason to sleep in this game.
  • Repair? Who Needs to Repair? OK, it’s not as bad as it sounds – I have barely had to repair weapons in this game so far. The skill “Repair” is also used to disarm traps & other trivial “non-repairing weapon” uses which is a pretty useful function but, otherwise, repairing weapons has been a bust. Why? Because if you play the game honestly, you’ll acquire so many weapons that all you have to do is pick the best one & stick with it until another one is acquired that is better.
  • Food? Who Needs Food? Seriously… Bethesda does not like the concept of consuming food. I have no idea how the game play surveys came back, but someone must not like the concept of food because there is no difference between the concept of eating food & regenerating hit points in this game. Furthermore, almost all food carries some form of radiation whereas stimpaks, which do nothing but regenerate health, do not. I know that games must constantly balance out game play vs. reality but, really… Because of my sniping “one shot, one kill” strategy, I really haven’t been damaged health-wise in this game, so… Why eat when you don’t have to regenerate the hit points?
  • Nude Mods? Who Needs Nude Mods? Call me a perv if it makes you happy, but “Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” was so much more friendlier towards using nude mods then this game from a practical standpoint. In Oblivion, you could run around stark naked the entire game if you wanted to with little consequence. In “Fallout 3,” nudity is practically a death sentence unless your character has some serious skills. The reason for this is that most clothes in this game have some form of a skill modifier on them which makes it essential to wear.
  • House Themes? Who Needs House Themes? I have a Level 11 character & I haven’t even thought of a “house theme” yet. The standard Megaton house comes with 5 containers that all have the patented Bethesda game play mechanic of infinite storage space each. That’s all I’ve ever needed so far to organize my stuff. Since I don’t use my house as anything more then a very large version of a walk-in closet, there’s been no point in decorating it with anything & wasting money.

I’m sure I can think of a few more observations but those are the ones that I thought of first. I haven’t even attempted going into any of the DLC (downloadable content) sections yet.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

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