Fallout 3 Revisited…

Fallout 3 Revisited after the break…

Fallout 3 Revisited…

Last year, I received the game “Fallout 3” for Christmas. Played it. Toyed around with it. Eventually deleted it from the hard drive.

This year, I picked up the “Game of the Year” edition of Fallout 3 with all of the add-ons. Installed it & am playing it now. Well, not “now now”… I’m typing this now. I can’t both type this & play Fallout 3 simultaneously. However, I’m playing “Fallout 3” in the present tense. If that makes sense.

A year removed from the hype, I have to honestly say that it’s a better game then what I initially thought. I still don’t like the usage of the Fallout IP but, as a game, it’s OK. I haven’t tried out any of the add-ons yet but, at the very least, when I added everything in this time, the game didn’t implode on me “a la” Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion where I had to uninstall & re-install who knows how many times before the thing & all of it’s little add-on bells & whistles actually worked.

Since I have Fallout 3 in it’s fullest & finest form, I’ll probably start downloading Fallout 3 mods again & doing reviews of them. Going through Fallout3Nexus, I don’t see the outpouring of mods for it on the same scale as Oblivion.

Anyway, if you see Fallout 3 mod reviews here, you’ll know why.


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