Malware Defense…

Malware Defense after the break…

Malware Defense…

I honestly don’t know what compels people to write computer viruses, trojans & other nasty programs. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

You would think that these people, already skilled at programming, would put their time towards more productive purposes.

My father’s computer recently became infected with a computer virus called “Malware Defense.” Quite literally, it is a computer virus pretending to be an anti-virus program… The computerized equivalent of a terrorist dressing up in a police officer’s uniform, ransacking your home right in front of you & then claiming that a robber performed the dastardly deed.

Fortunately, the Internet was very helpful in removing this plague from my Dad’s computer. However, dealing with this virus ate up most of an evening.

Congratulations, virus writer – You just killed about six hours of productivity for no good reason other then that you could. My Dad’s computer is back to normal. You didn’t get your precious “sale.” Are you happy now? Would it really kill you to be productive instead of destructive in your skills at programming?


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