Fallout Dilemma…

Fallout Dilemma after the break…

Fallout Dilemma…

OK – Before someone sends me a nasty response, let me be perfectly honest – Billions of people would love to have this dilemma. All around the world, people are starving, getting the crap kicked out of them for some trivial reason (they’re from the wrong side of town, ethnicity, race, whatever), oppressed, depressed, the electricity doesn’t always work, sanitation, health care, natural disasters… Yes, I get it that this sounds like, “Do I buy the $500 dollar gold bowling ball or the $500 dollar gold pencil cup holder?” to some people. However, I just thought that I would share this in the event that this issue resonates with a few people. That’s all.

So, in the old days before puberty (B.P.), Christmas presents were supposed to be a relatively secret thing. In other words, you just weren’t supposed to know what “Santa” was going to give to you.

Sure, you made suggestions – You made a “list” so to speak & you could even have a relatively good idea if you were going to get something or not. However, no one ever came up to you & said, “You are getting this.”

Nowadays, though, with the shiny veneer of Christmas clearly marred by older age & a thorough knowledge of the inner machinations of how the Happy Holiday actually works (To appease the kiddies: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Now, turn off the Internet & do your homework), present presentation is a little more transparent. It’s sort of like voting on a bill in Congress: You don’t send the bill to the floor without knowing how the vote will turn out first.

What does this all mean? Well, see… Last year, I had thoughts of getting Fallout 3. Then, I had doubts about Fallout 3 & told my parents to hold off on buying it. Did they? Nope. Under the tree was Fallout 3. I never look a gift horse in the mouth so I installed it & played around with it for a little while. Knowing that the DLC (Downloadable Content for all the acronym-impaired) was on it’s way along with the inevitable “GOTY edition” (Game of the Year), I knew that the plain old “Fallout 3” was obsolete the moment wrapping was torn off of box.

So, seeing a good deal recently for the “GOTY Edition” for Fallout 3, I snapped it up so that I could finally have all the DLC & play the “complete” game. Handing it off to my parents to be a pre-determined Christmas present, this has given me a dilemma –

Do I install Fallout 3 now & simply wait for the DLC in about 2 weeks or do I wait for the whole thing in another 2 weeks? Technically, I already HAVE Fallout 3 & it’s really just the DLC that will be a Christmas present. However, am I defeating the spirit of Christmas by installing Fallout 3 sooner?


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