I Feel Bad for Ireland…

I Feel Bad for Ireland after the break…

I Feel Bad for Ireland…

I’m just not a soccer (yeah, I know, it’s called football every where else in the world) fan. I really try to watch the sport but I just don’t get it. It’s too fast, there’s never any goals, the ball is always getting kicked out of bounds, there’s something called “offsides” that appears to negate half of the goals that are made… From an American Football perspective, I just don’t get it. I honestly don’t.

However, what I do understand is when your team is completely robbed because of officiating stupidity. As a fan of the New England Patriots, we got robbed in the 2007 Super Bowl. I’m not going to get into the specifics but the bottom line is that the officials allowed the clock to stop when they shouldn’t have. That gave the opposing team the time they needed to win the game. Was it right? Was it wrong? Want specifics? Use “Google” & get the in-depth story yourself.

I know enough about World Cup soccer to know that fans around the world take this stuff as serious as late-stage pancreatic cancer. Every sport has it’s die-hard fans but foreign soccer fans seem to operate on a plane between “nutty fanatico” & “obliviously tyrannical.” All that the game of soccer needs is an origin theory, a symbol & it’s just like any other world-class religion out there. Yes, their adherents are that insane.

So, my sympathies go out to the country of Ireland who feels that they are on solid ground thinking that they were shafted by France in a big soccer match that determines who gets to play in the World Cup & who gets to watch it from a smoke-filled pub. The whole incident involves a player using their hands in soccer that resulted in a goal & stuff like that. Even I know you can’t use your hands in soccer unless you’re a goalie & I only went as far in my soccer profession as a schoolyard.

So, just hang tough, Ireland. It’s always bitterly disappointing when your team loses & loses big AND loses unfairly.

However, brighter skies are ahead. A new day will dawn. The sun will rise as it always will. Think about your family, your neighbors, your job.

It may feel like the end of the world but it ain’t. I know that’s all cheap talk from someone who honestly doesn’t give a crap about soccer but ever sport has fans who get bitterly disappointed when their team snatches defeat from the jaws of victory because of someone else’s blundering.

Join the club.


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