Reality Factory – Part 1

Reality Factory – Part 1 after the break…

Reality Factory Part 1…

I have to face reality – Short of being locked in a secluded cabin for 18 months (with food, water, proper sanitation, etc.), there’s no way I’m ever going to learn the programming languages C, C++ or whatever the kiddies think is the “most awesome I can’t believe a generation of humanity lived without this programming language” at the moment.

The Unreal Development Kit, after sitting for one exciting day on my hard drive, looked way too complicated for me to tangle with & I had to make the decision for it to leave. Sad? Yes.

Currently, I’m trying my luck with something called the “Reality Factory,” which appears to be the Genesis3D engine wrapped in a Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkit for those of us who don’t have 18 months to fiddle away in a secluded cabin trying to learn UnrealScript or all of the other billion subtleties that the Unreal Engine 3 has.

Not that Reality Factory isn’t a breeze to deal with. After two days, I’ve –

A). Made a one-room level that is, in essence, a box.

B). Put a “pawn” (a non-player character or NPC) inside of that level that does nothing but stand idle.

C). Realize that scripting in Reality Factory, although it doesn’t look as difficult as UnrealScript, is still quite a few rungs higher then typing out “Hey, I want to do such-and-such” & have the computer actually get it right on the first try.

Still, I’m going to keep plugging away on learning the scripting aspect of this tool if only to see if various gameplay elements are feasible with it. If not, then I’ll have no choice to delete it as well.

Such is life…


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