Patently Dangerous (Dark Mod mission)…

Patently Dangerous (Dark Mod mission) after the break…

Patently Dangerous (Dark Mod mission)…

There are several “old rules” in Hollywood when it comes to a formula for making a movie that is a sure-fire financial success. Men should always be taller then their leading ladies & have darker hair, for example. Why? Who knows? Also, one should never make a period movie where they still use quills to write letters. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule but how often is the rule more right then wrong?

One of these “old rules” is that you should never put the word “die” or any of it’s derivatives into the title of a movie. The logic behind this rule is that most moviegoers want a happy experience, especially nowadays when they’re paying the better part of $10 dollars per movie ticket & even more if they want the snacks as well. Putting the word “die” into a movie will give potential moviegoers the impression that the movie is sad & most of them will not want to waste their money on an experience that will end up making them feel sad by the time the end credits roll.

That same logic might’ve been used to greater effect in a new Dark Mod mission called “Patently Dangerous” by “demagogue.”

Let me be clear – This isn’t a “review” in the conventional sense. A “review” would be that I played through the entire mission & then offered my opinion of it.

I can’t write a “review” for this mission because I couldn’t finish the mission. The mission kept crashing for a reason that I’m not entirely aware of. I made a fair & honest attempt to search the message boards to see what I could do to lower the amount of crashes & play the mission as it was intended. For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to do that & the mission kept crashing on me.

Therefore, all I can say about this mission is that it exists, that other people have apparently not had the same problems that I have had but the problems that I encountered forced me to end this mission earlier then I needed it to end in order to write a completely unbiased review.

I thank “demagogue” for creating this mission – I’m sure that the author didn’t intend that their mission would cause anyone any problems. I hope that anyone who downloads this mission can play it through without a single mishap as, clearly, other people seem to have.

However, at this point, I’m going to have to delete this mission because I just can’t play it without getting a Crash-To-Desktop (CTD) for unknown reasons at various points throughout the game. If I’m so inclined, I’ll wait a year before reviewing this mission again to see if the causes were because of the beta nature of the mod itself or based upon how the individual mission was designed.

“Patently Dangerous,” at least for my machine, was labeled exactly as advertised, although admittedly, not as intended.


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