The UFL…

The UFL after the break…

The UFL…

You know, whenever you create something, someone is bound to hate it. That’s just the way that the Laws of the Universe works.

You might direct the best movie ever made… And someone will think that it sucks.

You might paint a masterpiece that most people will cherish for centuries to come… And someone will think that it’s boring.

Write a great song? Someone will think that it’s too derivative, or slow, or fast, or not their genre, or… Pick a reason.

Well, for fans of American football (Yes, it’s just called “football” in America but elsewhere in the world, “soccer” is called “football”) have always been a contradictory bunch. On the one hand, these fans are always sad that the football season ends. Yet, on the other hand, they really don’t cotton well to anything football that doesn’t have “NFL” attached to it.

Look, I’m not a huge football nut. I don’t go to football games, I don’t make time to watch football on television or listen to it on the radio. Even for the one team that I root for, could I name more then 12 players from their 45-man roster? Probably not.

However, I am a fan of “football,” the general overall concept. I like the sport even if personally playing it (for my age & body frame) would be a death sentence for me.

That’s why I’m always a big fan whenever someone goes well out of their way to create more football. I was a fan of the XFL & now I’m a fan of the UFL (Yes, I know – There were previous attempts at another professional league before those two but I’m keeping things current).

It’s hard to remember that, for quite a few years, the AFL & NFL (back when they were just separate leagues, now called the AFC & NFC) were the same struggling leagues like these other leagues were. Their players weren’t millionaires, their games were sparsely or only moderately attended, television or radio were hardly an option… It’s hard to imagine but the reality exists that the multi-billion dollar industry now known as the NFL struggled just to stay solvent until just a few decades ago.

So, as a fan of the proverbial “little guy,” I’d like to see the UFL stick around for more then one season. That’s why I’m going to go out of my way to watch a few games. When more football leagues play more football, we all win as football fans.


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