Walt Disney Adventure – Part 2

Walt Disney Adventure – Part 2 after the break…

Walt Disney Adventure – Part 2…

There are, in essence, 5 theme parks at Walt Disney World: Disney World, Epcot (I shudder to spell it like that but that IS it’s official name nowadays), Hollywood Studios (It used to be “MGM-Disney Studios”), Animal Kingdom & DisneyQuest. There are also two water parks & a commercial district called “Downtown Disney.”

That’s a lot of stuff.

Let’s start with DisneyQuest. I didn’t go to it. From my understanding of what it is, it’s a 5-story arcade building. Some of the wizz-bang arcades are better then the others. However, those who did peruse this marvel of electronics were not impressed. Sure, you can play a “Pirates of the Caribbean” virtual reality game… But why not place such a machine at Disney World? The same with the “Aladdin” virtual reality game? Or, for that matter, anything else?

I’m really not a fan of water parks. I’m older now. When you’re young & you have the energy… I’m sure that water parks must be fun for those who can eat anything they like & not gain weight. Good for you. You’re in that “fun” age of your life where you can sleep 2 hours a day & not really pay for it.

For the rest of us… The shower is my “water park.” That’s all the water park I really need. I suppose, when you’re still hormonal, water parks are nice because you can finally see the opposite gender in skimpier (and tighter) garments then usual. However, if you want that… There’s always the Internet. Enjoy.

So, in reality, there’s only 4 theme parks that were even worth my money (Downtown Disney, by the way, is as free as going to your local shopping mall).

Disney World is the oldest of the 4 “real” theme parks. It’s icon is Cinderella’s Castle. I didn’t have a lot of emotional weight attached to Disney World. I suppose that I would’ve been upset had they demolished an old-time classic like Space Mountain or Carousel of Progress. In fact, I found myself strangely detached from the revelation that they had remodeled the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride to include Johnny Depp’s “Jack Sparrow” character. Disney World, after all, is a juvenile theme park, meant for the kiddies.

When you enter Disney World, you enter onto the first land, “Main Street USA.” I hesitate, though to call it a “land” because there’s no attractions here. It’s not like a Tomorrowland, where it has amusement rides. In fact, modern-day Disney World Main Street is, in essence, one large gift shop. Yes, you walk into a large gift shop upon entry into Diseny World. Distressing.

Hmmm… I thought I was going to have more enthusiasm to write but I don’t. More tomorrow, I guess.


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