The Kingdom Mark 2 (oblivion mod)…

The Kingdom Mark 2 (oblivion mod) after the break…

The Kingdom Mark 2 (oblivion mod)…

Let me begin by stating that you shouldn’t download this mod for the video game “Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” (“Oblivion” for short). Why? Well, it’s incomplete. Yes, most of the mods I’ve reviewed can be viewed as “incomplete.” However, this mod is not just incomplete but broken. That’s right – Broken.

“The Kingdom Mark 2” is a mod that has been abandoned by it’s initial creators. The “Mark 2” part of “The Kingdom Mark 2” appears to be an attempt by an individual unaffiliated with the initial creators to at least populate the mod & give it some semblance of usefulness. Why? I don’t know.

The mod begins immediately, which is very nice, with a quest pop-up screen (the quest is called “The Lost Explorer”). I know that people sometimes don’t like having their hand held in role-playing games (RPGs) & that they want to “discover” the game. I agree with that sentiment… Most of the time. However, the task of reviewing mods also dictates that I get to the point & get to the point quickly. I like knowing where to go & whom to see, at least when it comes to initially starting a quest.

My first task was to go to the Imperial City to a bookstore to buy a letter. Fine. Upon fast traveling to the Imperial City, I am suddenly joined by two “Loyal Followers.” OK. Why are they here? Why are they following me? Why can’t I talk to them? Well, whatever. I buy the letter from the bookstore & then I am directed to an Ayleid ruin called “Flavrium.”

While traveling to Flavrium, I noticed that the quest marker went to the city of Chorrol instead of Flavrium. Why? I don’t know. However, I continued to travel to Flavrium. When I arrived, I noticed that the door wouldn’t open. Eventually, I learned that the door would only open between 2 to 3 AM. Why? I don’t know. So, I waited until 2 to 3 AM & then entered the ruin.

Once inside the ruin, I was warned of traps. Immediately thereafter, I was confronted by a ball & chain trap with an invisible trigger. Besides that, though, the only traps were the usual “Swinging Oars of Death” hallways that you sometimes find in normal Ayleid ruins. Oh, & a “crushing floor” trap.

Upon entering the ruins, though, I seem to have lost my loyal followers. Where did they go? I have no idea. Why did I lose them? Again, no clue.

Eventually, I reached a staging area where an explorer was working on opening up another stone door. Apparently, he had found 1 stone button & suspected a second stone button was just out-of-reach after a long underwater swim. Those who can magically hold their breath need not fret for casting that spell is the most difficult aspect of this entire challenge.

Opening the stone door actually turned out to be somewhat more challenging then I had anticipated. The challenge emerged from not realizing that, as soon as I pressed the second button, the door DOESN’T open but a secret passage close to where the explorer was camping DOES. This secret area contains the third button & it is this button that you press in order for the stone door to open.

The quest continues onward, though & you have one more step before the quest finally ends.

There is a “broken floating archway” door that needs for you to wear a special necklace in order for you to pass through it. Fortunately for you, that necklace lies in a coffin just off from where you find the floating archway. I only encountered two rats to get to the necklace. Not exactly a steep challenge.

With the necklace you can pass through the archway and… That’s the end of the quest. In fact, a quest message pop-up literally informs you that you’ve come to the end of the quest & that the developers (having long since abandoned the mod) invite you over their their now non-existent message board for your thoughts & comments. How nice of them.

The remainder of the mod appears to be an underground “city” populated with non-player characters (NPCs) that have no unique characteristics about them except for their names & appearance. A ledge at an Inn provides some character to the inn but little else.

The underground city looks complete architecturally but simply felt empty. Little interactive touches to the architecture, such as an inactive trap door, made the area feel smaller & less engaging. I will be the first to admit that the entire “Arx Fatalis” (a video game where you interact with an underground civilization, similar to an earlier video game called “Ultima Underworld”) vibe made the area slightly more appealing then it would be for the average player, if only because of my fondness for earlier games that relied upon such a setting.

Yet, the city easily breaks when entering what is called the “Underground Road.” This section is where their self-appointed “Alpha3” version really shows up. This section is broken & anyone entering it will most likely need to reload to an earlier save point.

What was also frustrating is that this “kingdom” can easily be traveled to without the amulet, the waiting for some door to open, the traps… There is a trap door added to the Fighters Guild in Chorrol that allows you to enter the Kingdom quite easily. So, for those of you who want to see this Kingdom for yourself without the hassle of going through the quest, you can do it. Fair warning: The two “Loyal Followers” who you seem to lose once you enter the ruins don’t seem to want to leave your side when entering the Kingdom through Chorrol.

There’s really no reason to keep this mod. It’s by no means complete & serves no real useful purpose. I’d be intrigued if this mod was somehow completed but seeing as how this mod is both old & abandoned, any completion of this mod is unlikely. Too bad – The premise at least held a little potential & the starting quest was at least serviceable.



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