More Gothic 3…

More Gothic 3 after the break…

More Gothic 3…

A short update, admittedly, but here are my general impressions upon playing more of the video game “Gothic 3”:

First, I really like the fact that you can walk in & out of towns, caves, buildings, etc. without load zones. Wow. It really, really feels immersing. Elder Scrolls 5 should really, really look hard at this feature. This feature, in my mind, is the biggest one that Gothic 3 has over Oblivion.

Second, Gothic 4 ought to rip a page out of Oblivion & feature readable books. In Gothic 3, there are no readable books. You can not open up a book (so far, I haven’t found one & I’ve been traveling all over the “middle” section of the continent, the section that is neither sand nor snow) & read it’s contents. Gothic 3 does have an Oblivion-esque feature of learning from reading an open book on a lectern (not all lecterns, mind you, but some of them) but it really isn’t the same thing.

Third, Gothic 3 does bend reality just a tad by being able to carry everything you can pick up. Did you find 40 broadswords? You can pick them all up… And carry them with you… Forever. Yeah, that’s a bit on the unrealistic side. Given that Gothic 3 just “feels” more realistic (even with vegetation turned on for Oblivion, you just “feel” more like you’re in a forest with Gothic 3 then with Oblivion), this feature of being able to carry everything & anything is a tad immersion-breaking.

In summary, I think that the two games are good for what they both do. Being able to walk anywhere, go into everything, all without having to deal with load zones is awesome. The architecture doesn’t feel “repeated” like it often did with Oblivion which is a really, nice touch. However, Oblivion has readable books which is also immersing & it forces a limit on how much you can carry which has it’s own realism, both features of which are absent in Gothic 3.

From what I’ve played so far, there’s no reason why an Oblivion-centric player couldn’t scrape together the 6 cents or so & buy a copy of Gothic 3. I haven’t had a CTD (crash-to-desktop) yet in my time playing it (granted, patched to 1.72) & I think that Oblivion players would find it refreshing to play another company’s version of the big, epic medieval fantasy role-playing game.


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