Woodelvendon (oblivion mod)…

Woodelvendon (oblivion mod) after the break…

Woodelvendon (oblivion mod)…

I’m a lazy guy. If you don’t know that factoid about me by now, just look at my past posts. Heck, there was a time when I didn’t even use capital letters! Talk about phoning it in!

Anywho, I haven’t been playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion much lately. In other words, I just cracked it open after about a 50-day break or so. Part of the problem is that many of the mods don’t convert themselves to OMODs, which are a type of “plug-n-play” mod whereby you don’t have to add & subtract a bajillion directories out of your Oblivion folder every time you want to add / get rid of a mod. Just pop the OMOD into your OMOD folder & play. It’s practically that easy.

So, the lack of OMODs definitely hinders what I can play. Occasionally, you’ll get a mod that’s so small or doesn’t use any exterior resources so that it can be packed into an “ESP” file (no, not that type of ESP). Think of ESP files as OMODs that don’t have any custom crap inside of them.

“Woodelvendon” is a “village” mod for Oblivion, meaning it’s a place to go, sight-see, take a few pictures & then get back to your reality. The mod was uploaded by “Carah” & it’s currently at version 1.0. Unfortunately, if this is 1.0, then I don’t want to know what the earlier version were.

In Woodelvendon, you go to a small village arranged in a circle with a tree in the center. Also, there’s a new store called “Michelle’s Goods & Services” at a pre-existing town called “Pell’s Gate.”

Woodelvendon will not tip your scales when it comes to excitement. Indeed, there is nothing to do there. A guest house is great for a free bed & a few containers. One or two people walk around & will provide a variety of services.

OK, I can’t stand it anymore… The mod is lacking. It’s not “8-year old kid couldn’t view porn on the Internet, got bored & made this mod” type of bad but there are many things this mod needs to do before it can belong. Let’s go down the list of suspects:

  • No gardens. I am always amazed at how people eat in this strange land. Does food just magically appear out of nowhere? Granted, it could be argued that, since the village is within sight of the capital, that maybe a few people go out & actually buy their food from there (or, from the new store at Pell’s Gate). However, odds are, a real out-of-the-way village would most likely have to grow their own food, requiring a garden of some kind. This village had no gardens… At all. Or outhouses, for that matter. What? Does everyone in Oblivion wear disposable adult diapers?
  • How do the guards get up there? Woodelvendon is “guarded” by two archers on very high platforms that have no ladders or ropes or anything else that looks like it would get them up there… At all. Furthermore, there is no railing so, hopefully, those archers are very aware of how they place themselves up there. It doesn’t look like there’s any covering so I hope they stay dry in the rain… Right?
  • House placement. Nothing breaks reality more then when you can “see” under an object that you aren’t supposed to see under. Take houses, for instance. In Oblivion, “houses” are just objects like rocks, trees, etc. When you enter a house, you’re really going into a separate little world pretending to be the inside of a house. You are going, literally, from the outside world to the inside world. The house in the outside world is just an object – You aren’t going into THAT object. However, in a good design, you at least feel this illusion. That illusion is broken when you can go to the back of those house & see under the house because the house object “ends” before it can compensate for the landscaping that the house resides on. So, either fix the house object, move the house object or fix the landscaping. Also, I noticed other objects that were in positions never intended by the designers of those objects that had “blank” sides on them that could be easily seen.
  • House interiors don’t match house exteriors. Read the paragraph above. The house interiors are essentially their own little world entirely separated from the outside world representation of that house. Therefore, it is completely possible for someone to create a tiny little shack & then, upon entering the shack, they are inside a huge, expansive mansion. Maybe such a trick is good for a magical setting but it completely destroys any illusion when you step into a normal house. Case in point: One of the houses has an outside door on it’s extreme righthand side facing towards it. When you enter it, though, you can continue to go to the right & into a little rounded area. That’s only ONE example out of a number of examples in this mod that stretched reality too far. I know… In Oblivion, you have to suspend your belief just a tad for the outside/inside representations to match. However, suspension & outright tossing it into the wind are two separate matters.

Honestly, I had about two or three more points about this mod but I don’t feel like writing anymore. Look, I’ll make it up to you. Here are some nice things about the mod:

  • Concept. Village in forest… Nice. It has a nice woodsy feel to it… Nothing horrible.
  • Coffee? The whole coffee items at the front of the store was a cute touch. Do they actually do anything? They’re probably re-labeled alchemy equipment but still… Cute.

OK, so that list is shorter then I thought it would be. So, should you download it? That’s up to you. Myself? I’m ditching the mod. I don’t need the free bed / house thingie. The Pell’s Gate store (Oh, BTW, the interior is too dark in the store) is simply out of place & why wasn’t that store in the village?

Onwards & Upwards…


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