Weekend Edition…

Dearth of Oblivion Mods all after the break…

Dearth of Oblivion Mods…

I didn’t write anything last week because, frankly, there wasn’t anything really to write about. I’m tired of giving opinions to things like Bernie Madoff or Israelis whimpering because the Obama Administration dared to nominate someone who doesn’t kiss their Jewish butts every morning upon awakening because, let’s face it, you don’t want to read about it.

All I ever get for searches is crapola like “fallout 3 house mod” & “fallout 3 oral sex mod” (how the heck did I ever get THAT search hit?) with the occasional “movie the last sect” thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, I just haven’t played any good Oblivion mods lately. There was this one really small Oblivion mod named Elwood or Elwoodward or something like that which absolutely, positively sucked so bad it was the Oblivion mod equivalent of “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” There was also this one mod called “AFK_Weye” that I started to play but just got bored with after awhile.

Therefore, I haven’t been vocal because there simply hasn’t been any reason for being vocal. Sure, I could write about the Chinese government being complete @$$es but what fun would that be? There are about one million bloggers already saying that so much better then I.

Bye for now.


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