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Unknown (2006 film) all after the break…

Unknown (2006 film)…

Imagine waking with amnesia to a bizarre scene inside a fortified but otherwise decaying warehouse: Five men, in various states of injury & all with short-term memory loss, must figure out who they are & why they are trapped in an otherwise deserted warehouse. One of them is shot, another is tied up & a third has his nose broken.

Are all of them in danger? Are some of them good guys? Bad guys? Good guys pretending to be bad guys? Bad guys pretending to be good guys?

“Unknown” starts with an intriguing premise &, for the most part, doesn’t disappoint. The movie somewhat hedges it’s bets by having a sub-plot that involves two cops trailing some ransom money that sets up the movie’s final “Oh my Gosh! I can’t believe it!” twist. The final twist is entirely unnecessary &, quite frankly, unravels a good part of the enjoyment of watching the film through to the end.

While the movie is inside the otherwise dilapitated warehouse, the movie chugs along pleasantly, forcing viewers to decide who is right, who is wrong, who is good & who is bad. Only in the final quarter of the movie does the “who’s who” let up & we finally begin to realize who really is a ‘good guy’ & who really is a ‘bad guy.’

Personally, this would have been a tighter & more suspenseful film had it been re-worked so that it concentrated only on the five people. Imagine a film where you truly didn’t know who was who until the very end instead of the film letting the audience in on the secret only for the final act.

All in all, a pretty good film bounced down to plain good thanks to a final & unnecessary “twist of a twist of a twist” twist ending as well as the addition of scenes outside of the warehouse. No nudity, a little violence & enough obscenities to ensure that the kids watch the movie “WALL-E” & not this one.



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