doomsday (2008 movie)

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doomsday (2008 movie)…

i saw this movie not too long ago. i was going to wait until the weekend to write the review but i might as well just get it over with.

in brief, if you’re an action fan, you’ll like it. everyone else need not apply.

ok, there’s a huge virus outbreak in england (stop if you’ve heard this one) & the powers that be divide the island in half with a really big wall (just like the romans did so many centuries ago, go figure) – the side with the healthy people & the side with the not-so-healthy people. a decade or two goes by & the healthy side of england isn’t so healthy with so many people crammed into london. suddenly, there’s a viral outbreak in london &, for some reason that defies logic, they send your usual crack-squad team of commandoes to go into the plagued side of england to see if they can find a cure.

yeah, it’s that kind of film. but wait, there’s more.

said crack-squad is ambushed by a gang of bandits that look like they’ve just come from an early 1990’s punk-rock concert & the survivors eventually go on a train to find the one scientist who might’ve found a cure that was still left on the plagued side of england but he’s turned all medieval (literally, as in the medieval era), living in a castle & there are knights & the survivors have to fight knights & then there’s a huge car chase at the end &…

ok, look – the action scenes i liked. everything else… well… look, i’ts an action film. it’s not supposed to make sense. we’re not talking “remains of the day”-caliber of character development. however, i do like my action films to have some semblance of structure. literally, this film was on the verge of losing it halfway through & then during the last quarter of the film it just says, “oh, fcuk, if you’re still watching, we might as well end with a ‘wtf just why is any of this happening?’ finale.”

action-wise, the film is definitely on the side of ok – the director has no qualms with showing you what he thinks graphic violence ought to look like because there’s more then just a tad. skin-wise, no, mitra doesn’t show any but there’s some chick in a tub early on who takes time out of her bath to flash some skin & fire a shotgun. plot-wise… well, just look above… it’s all messed up & while i have to give the people their props for at least trying to make something like “escape from new york” meets a road movie, i really think this is a movie in search of a common thread running throughout the entire movie.

i mean… check it out… at one point, our surviving squad members are running for their lives & need to get on board a coal-driven train(!) in order to escape. right. a coal-driven train… just waiting… all prepped to go… that’s never really seen or used again… ever.

that’s the kind of movie this is. sure, some stuff is used over again (mitra’s high-tech removable eyeball, some fallout shelter) but a lot of it just sort of dangles after a scene or two, never to been seen again with no rhyme or reason (the “war” between the punk-leader son & the medieval king… why? why include this if you’re going to do absolutely nothing with it… at all?!)

like i wrote earlier, action junkies are probably going to like it if only for their no-holds-barred action scenes. rhona mitra (the chick who gets raped by kevin bacon in “hollow man”) gets her catfight on who-knows-how-many times but, really, this film never takes it out of 5th gear & i know we all like speed demons but even indy cars need to go in for a pit stop every now & then. maybe i’m just not used to across-the-pond filmmaking but when all you have is the loosest of plots to string together a bunch of good action scenes, the result is just… a bunch of good action scenes.

i’m not even going to mention the whole prime minister sub-plot thingy & the conspiracy thingy & the whole other bunch of thingies because i’m guessing you’ll be fast-forwarding through most of this picture just to look at the pretty fight scenes & i can’t blame you one bit.

so, that’s my review. enjoy.



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