a change of pace…

a change of pace after the break…

a change of pace…

you know, i think it’s been about one year since i started this blog. wow. one year. one year of continually writing my opinion about stuff from movies to video games to politics to stuff as obscure as grape juice.

to tell you the truth… i’m out of opinions. really. i am.

i’ve tried really hard to come up with a post every weekday plus a weekend post (saturday & sunday). on most days, i was able to find something that irked me enough to write about it. however, on some days, i was just too tired or i just didn’t care.

i never wanted this blog to be a “burden” on my other interests. when people couldn’t follow one simple rule & kept writing posts without following that rule, it dented my enthusiasm for continuing this blog. i turned off the comments & i kept soldiering on.

however, i think it’s time to take a nap. no one is reading this blog on a daily basis. most often, people come in from google because there’s a word or whatever that matches what they’re searching for. that’s been the trend. on some days, it’s fallout 3 (more specifically, tranquility lane), on others it’s been the hapi drum (i can’t believe how much that post gets hit). the one about robbceleb actually went through the roof for who-knows-how-long. the elliot spitzer post went into the stratosphere. probably the strangest “why the fcuk is this post getting so many hits?” post was the one about the movie “the last sect.” holy heck – i had no idea so many people loved such a crappy movie. talk about accidentally hitting a vein.

a part of me wants to keep writing one post a day but, really, what would i write about? also, i’d love to start devoting more time to other projects. a lot of my projects have been starving for attention & now they’ll finally be getting some of that attention.

so, does this turn into a weekly blog? i dunno. i’m thinking this turns into a “whenever i truly feel irked over something” blog. the threshhold for me being irked will have to be truly great, though – it won’t be like in the past where the irk threshhold was much, much lower to ensure that i would write something every day.

so, until next time… goodbye.


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